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  1. Maternal atopic background and stimulation of the adaptive immune system with allergen interact in the development of allergic disease. Stimulation of the innate immune system through microbial exposure, such ...

    Authors: Bianca Schaub, Monica Campo, Hongzhen He, David Perkins, Matthew W Gillman, Diane R Gold, Scott Weiss, Ellice Lieberman and Patricia W Finn
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:40
  2. Recent studies have identified MUC4 mucin as a ligand for activation of ErbB2, a receptor tyrosine kinase that modulates epithelial cell proliferation following epithelial damage in airways of asthmatics. In t...

    Authors: Gautam Damera, Baoyun Xia and Goverdhan P Sachdev
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:39
  3. Inspiratory activity is a prerequisite for successful application of patient triggered ventilation such as proportional assist ventilation (PAV). It has recently been reported that surfactant instillation incr...

    Authors: Richard Sindelar, Esther Rieger-Fackeldey, Anders Jonzon, Peter Schaller, Andreas Schulze and Gunnar Sedin
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:38
  4. Hypoxia-induced mitogenic factor (HIMF) is developmentally regulated and plays an important role in lung pathogenesis. We initially found that HIMF promotes vascular tubule formation in a matrigel plug model. ...

    Authors: Qiangsong Tong, Liduan Zheng, Li Lin, Bo Li, Danming Wang, Chuanshu Huang and Dechun Li
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:37
  5. The palatine tonsils have a pivotal role in immunological detection of airborne and ingested antigens like bacteria and viruses. They have recently been demonstrated to express Toll-like receptors (TLRs), know...

    Authors: Anne Mansson, Mikael Adner and Lars Olaf Cardell
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:36
  6. Mucus overproduction is a characteristic of inflammatory pulmonary diseases including asthma, chronic bronchitis, and cystic fibrosis. Expression of two mucin genes, MUC2 and MUC5AC, and their protein products (m...

    Authors: Brian N Chorley, Anne L Crews, Yuehua Li, Kenneth B Adler, Michael Minnicozzi and Linda D Martin
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:35
  7. It has been shown that the contractile state of airway smooth muscle cells (SMCs) in response to agonists is determined by the frequency of Ca2+ oscillations occurring within the SMCs. Therefore, we hypothesized ...

    Authors: Yan Bai and Michael J Sanderson
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:34
  8. Airway smooth muscle cells (ASMC) play a key role in bronchial hyperresponsiveness (BHR). A major component of the signaling cascade leading to ASMC contraction is calcium. So far, agonist-induced Ca2+-signaling ...

    Authors: Albrecht Bergner, Julia Kellner, Anita Kemp da Silva, Fernando Gamarra and Rudolf M Huber
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:33
  9. The loss of alveolar walls is a hallmark of emphysema. As fibroblasts play an important role in the maintenance of alveolar structure, a change in fibroblast phenotype could be involved in the pathogenesis of ...

    Authors: K-C Müller, L Welker, K Paasch, B Feindt, VJ Erpenbeck, JM Hohlfeld, N Krug, M Nakashima, D Branscheid, H Magnussen, RA Jörres and O Holz
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:32
  10. Acute peritonitis developing in response to gram-negative bacterial infection is known to act as a trigger for the development of acute lung injury which is often complicated by the development of nosocomial p...

    Authors: Mirko Steinmüller, Mrigank Srivastava, William A Kuziel, John W Christman, Werner Seeger, Tobias Welte, Jürgen Lohmeyer and Ulrich A Maus
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:30
  11. Inspired air contains a myriad of potential pathogens, pollutants and inflammatory stimuli. In the normal lung, these pathogens are rarely problematic. This is because the epithelial lining fluid in the lung i...

    Authors: Mark P Rogan, Patrick Geraghty, Catherine M Greene, Shane J O'Neill, Clifford C Taggart and Noel G McElvaney
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:29
  12. Laminin γ2 (Lamc2), one of the polypeptides in laminin-332 (laminin-5), is prominent in the basement membrane of alveolar walls and airways of developing and adult lung. Laminins are important for lung morphogene...

    Authors: Nguyet M Nguyen, Leena Pulkkinen, Jessica A Schlueter, Guerrino Meneguzzi, Jouni Uitto and Robert M Senior
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:28
  13. Human airway surface liquid (ASL) has abundant antimicrobial peptides whose potency increases as the salt concentration decreases. Xylitol is a 5-carbon sugar that has the ability to lower ASL salt concentrati...

    Authors: Lakshmi Durairaj, Srividya Neelakantan, Janice Launspach, Janet L Watt, Margaret M Allaman, William R Kearney, Peter Veng-Pedersen and Joseph Zabner
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:27
  14. The cationic lipid Genzyme lipid (GL) 67 is the current "gold-standard" for in vivo lung gene transfer. Here, we assessed, if GL67 mediated uptake of siRNAs and asODNs into airway epithelium in vivo.

    Authors: Uta Griesenbach, Chris Kitson, Escudero Sara Garcia, Raymond Farley, Charanjit Singh, Luci Somerton, Hazel Painter, Rbecca L Smith, Deborah R Gill, Stephen C Hyde, Yu-Hua Chow, Jim Hu, Mike Gray, Mark Edbrooke, Varrie Ogilvie, Gordon MacGregor…
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:26
  15. Vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein (VASP) mediates focal adhesion, actin filament binding and polymerization in a variety of cells, thereby inhibiting cell movement. Phosphorylation of VASP via cAMP and cGM...

    Authors: Annette T Hastie, Min Wu, Gayle C Foster, Gregory A Hawkins, Vikas Batra, Katherine A Rybinski, Rosemary Cirelli, James G Zangrilli and Stephen P Peters
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:25
  16. Short-term exposure to high concentrations of ozone has been shown to increase airway hyper-responsiveness (AHR). Because the changes in AHR and airway inflammation and structure after chronic ozone exposure n...

    Authors: An-Soo Jang, Inseon-S Choi, Jae-Hyuk Lee, Chang-Soo Park and Choon-Sik Park
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:24
  17. Recent findings suggest that exposure to outdoor air pollutants may increase the risk of allergic rhinitis. The results of these studies are inconsistent, but warrant further attention. The objective of the st...

    Authors: Bing-Fang Hwang, Jouni JK Jaakkola, Yung-Ling Lee, Ying-Chu Lin and Yue-liang Leon Guo
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:23
  18. Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) might cause right ventricular dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension. We aimed to determine the effects of nasal continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy on right ventr...

    Authors: Nese Dursunoglu, Dursun Dursunoglu, Sibel Özkurt, Sükrü Gür, Güllü Özalp and Fatma Evyapan
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:22
  19. Epigenetics is the term used to describe heritable changes in gene expression that are not coded in the DNA sequence itself but by post-translational modifications in DNA and histone proteins. These modificati...

    Authors: Ian M Adcock, Paul Ford, Kazuhiro Ito and P J Barnes
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:21
  20. After the publication of this work [1], we became aware of the fact that one author was missing on the author list. Dr Jo.H.M. Berden contributed the JM403 antibody and advised on the methodology for the ELISA fo...

    Authors: Jan Stolk, Barbara Veldhuisen, Laura Annovazzi, Chiara Zanone, Elly M Versteeg, Toine H van Kuppevelt, Jo HM Berden, Willem Nieuwenhuizen, Paolo Iadarola and Maurizio Luisetti
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:20
  21. In vitro and some in vivo studies suggested that genetic haplotypes may have an impact on β2-agonist mediated airway responses in asthmatics. Due to strong linkage disequilibrium the single nucleotide polymorphis...

    Authors: Anneke van Veen, Eddy A Wierenga, Robert Westland, Frank R Weller, Guus AM Hart, Henk M Jansen and René E Jonkers
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:19
  22. Human bronchial smooth muscle cells (HBSMC) may regulate airway inflammation by secreting cytokines, chemokines and growth factors. The neurotrophins, including nerve growth factor (NGF), brain-derived neurotr...

    Authors: Cecilia Kemi, Johan Grunewald, Anders Eklund and Caroline Olgart Höglund
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:18
  23. To assess the possibilities of reinnervation in a paralyzed hemidiaphragm via an anastomosis between phrenic nerve and inferior laryngeal nerve in rabbits. Reinnervation of a paralyzed diaphragm could be an al...

    Authors: Stephane Derrey, Eric verin, Annie Laquerrière, Angelique Boishardy de Barros, Yann Lacoume, Pierre Fréger and Jean Paul Marie
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:17
  24. Fourteen-membered ring macrolides have been effective in reducing chronic airway inflammation and also preventing lung injury and fibrosis in bleomycin-challenged mice via anti-inflammatory effects. EM703 is a...

    Authors: Ying Ji Li, Arata Azuma, Jiro Usuki, Shinji Abe, Kuniko Matsuda, Toshiaki Sunazuka, Takako Shimizu, Yukiyo Hirata, Hirofumi Inagaki, Tomoyuki Kawada, Satoru Takahashi, Shoji Kudoh and Satoshi Omura
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:16
  25. There are several signalling pathways involved in lung organogenesis including Notch, TGFβ /BMP, Sonic hedgehog (Shh), FGF, EGF, and Wnt. Despite the widely acknowledged significance of Wnt signalling in embry...

    Authors: Judit E Pongracz and Robert A Stockley
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:15
  26. Intensive care unit (ICU) admission of adults with cystic fibrosis (CF) is controversial because of poor outcome. This appraisal needs re-evaluation following recent changes in both CF management and ICU daily...

    Authors: Joëlle Texereau, Dany Jamal, Gérald Choukroun, Pierre-Régis Burgel, Jean-Luc Diehl, Antoine Rabbat, Philippe Loirat, Antoine Parrot, Alexandre Duguet, Joël Coste, Daniel Dusser, Dominique Hubert and Jean-Paul Mira
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:14
  27. To compare the efficacy and safety of budesonide/formoterol (Symbicort®) with formoterol (Oxis®) in the treatment of patients with acute asthma who showed evidence of refractoriness to short-acting β2-agonist the...

    Authors: ED Bateman, L Fairall, DM Lombardi and R English
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:13
  28. Activated fibroblasts, which have previously been obtained from bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF), are proposed to be important cells in the fibrotic processes of asthma and scleroderma (SSc). We have studie...

    Authors: Kristoffer Larsen, Johan Malmström, Marie Wildt, Camilla Dahlqvist, Lennart Hansson, György Marko-Varga, Leif Bjermer, Agneta Scheja and Gunilla Westergren-Thorsson
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:11
  29. Spherical monodisperse ferromagnetic iron oxide particles of 1.9 μm geometric and 4.2 μm aerodynamic diameter were inhaled by seven patients with primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) using the shallow bolus techni...

    Authors: Winfried Möller, Karl Häußinger, Löms Ziegler-Heitbrock and Joachim Heyder
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:10
  30. Pulmonary arterial hypertension is a proliferative vascular disease, characterized by aberrant regulation of smooth muscle cell proliferation and apoptosis in distal pulmonary arteries. Prostacyclin (PGI2) analog...

    Authors: Ellena J Growcott, Karen G Spink, Xiaohui Ren, Saliha Afzal, Kathy H Banner and John Wharton
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:9
  31. Complete tooth loss (edentulism) produces anatomical changes that may impair upper airway size and function. The aim of this study was to evaluate whether edentulism favours the occurrence of obstructive sleep...

    Authors: Caterina Bucca, Alessandro Cicolin, Luisa Brussino, Andrea Arienti, Alessandra Graziano, Francesco Erovigni, Paolo Pera, Valerio Gai, Roberto Mutani, Giulio Preti, Giovanni Rolla and Stefano Carossa
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:8
  32. A correlation between interstial pulmonary matrix disorganization and lung cellular response was recently documented in cardiogenic interstitial edema as changes in the signal-cellular transduction platforms (...

    Authors: Laura Botto, Egidio Beretta, Rossella Daffara, Giuseppe Miserocchi and Paola Palestini
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:7
  33. Using guinea pig tracheal preparations, we have recently shown that endogenous arginase activity attenuates inhibitory nonadrenergic noncholinergic (iNANC) nerve-mediated airway smooth muscle relaxation by red...

    Authors: Harm Maarsingh, John Leusink, I Sophie T Bos, Johan Zaagsma and Herman Meurs
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:6
  34. We investigated efficacy of inhaled nitric oxide (NO) in modulation of metabolism of phosphatidylcholine (PC) of pulmonary surfactant and in anti-inflammatory mechanism of mature lungs with inflammatory injury.

    Authors: Xiaohui Gong, Chunbao Guo, Shibing Huang and Bo Sun
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:5
  35. Alveolar macrophages (AM) are known to play an important role in the regulation of inflammatory reactions in the lung, e.g. during the development of chronic lung diseases. Exposure of rats to NO2 has recently be...

    Authors: Holger Garn, Anette Siese, Sabine Stumpf, Anka Wensing, Harald Renz and Diethard Gemsa
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:4
  36. Exposure to cigarette smoking during foetal and early postnatal life may have implications for lung health. The aim of this study was to assess the possible effects of such exposure in utero on lower respirato...

    Authors: Eva Lannerö, Magnus Wickman, Goran Pershagen and Lennart Nordvall
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:3
  37. To elucidate further the pathogenesis of sporadic, idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension (IPAH) and identify potential therapeutic avenues, differential gene expression in IPAH was examined by suppression...

    Authors: Alasdair J Edgar, Matilde R Chacón, Anne E Bishop, Magdi H Yacoub and Julia M Polak
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2006 7:1
  38. Asthma and rhinitis are often co-morbid conditions. As rhinitis often precedes asthma it is possible that effective treatment of allergic rhinitis may reduce asthma progression.

    Authors: Riccardo Polosa, Wael K Al-Delaimy, Cristina Russo, Giovita Piccillo and Maria Sarvà
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:153
  39. Lung function and exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) have been associated with short-term exposure to air pollution. However, the effect of long-term exposure to particulate matter f...

    Authors: Tamara Schikowski, Dorothea Sugiri, Ulrich Ranft, Ulrike Gehring, Joachim Heinrich, H-Erich Wichmann and Ursula Krämer
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:152
  40. Irreversible airflow obstruction in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is thought to result from airway remodelling associated with aberrant inflammation. Patients who experience frequent episodes of...

    Authors: PF Mercer, JK Shute, A Bhowmik, GC Donaldson, JA Wedzicha and JA Warner
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:151
  41. Human metapneumovirus (hMPV) is a recently discovered respiratory virus associated with bronchiolitis, pneumonia, croup and exacerbations of asthma. Since respiratory viruses are frequently detected in patient...

    Authors: G Rohde, I Borg, U Arinir, J Kronsbein, R Rausse, TT Bauer, A Bufe and G Schultze-Werninghaus
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:150
  42. Recent consensus statements demonstrate the breadth of the chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) differential diagnosis. However, the classification and mechanisms of different CRS phenotypes remains problematic.

    Authors: James N Baraniuk and Hilda Maibach
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:149
  43. The elastolytic enzyme matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-12 has been implicated in the development of airway inflammation and remodeling. We investigated whether human airway smooth muscle cells could express and...

    Authors: Shaoping Xie, Razao Issa, Maria B Sukkar, Ute Oltmanns, Pankaj K Bhavsar, Alberto Papi, Gaetano Caramori, Ian Adcock and K Fan Chung
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:148
  44. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is associated with a chronic inflammatory response of the host to chronic exposure to inhaled toxic gases and particles. Although inflammatory cells of both the innate and...

    Authors: An I D'hulst, Tania Maes, Ken R Bracke, Ingel K Demedts, Kurt G Tournoy, Guy F Joos and Guy G Brusselle
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:147
  45. α1-antitrypsin and surfactant protein-A (SP-A) are major lung defense proteins. With the hypothesis that SP-A could bind α1-antitrypsin, we designed a series of in vitro experiments aimed at investigating the nat...

    Authors: Marina Gorrini, Anna Lupi, Paolo Iadarola, Conceição Dos Santos, Paola Rognoni, Daniele Dalzoppo, Natalia Carrabino, Ernesto Pozzi, Aldo Baritussio and Maurizio Luisetti
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:146
  46. Inhaled mannitol is a new bronchial provocation test (BPT) developed to improve portability and standardisation of osmotic challenge testing. Osmotic challenge tests have an advantage over the traditional meth...

    Authors: John D Brannan, Sandra D Anderson, Clare P Perry, Ruth Freed-Martens, Anna R Lassig and Brett Charlton
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:144

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