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  1. Inhaled prostanoids and phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors have been suggested for treatment of severe pulmonary hypertension. In catheterized rabbits with acute pulmonary hypertension induced by continuous in...

    Authors: Ralph Theo Schermuly, Christiane Inholte, Ardeschir Hossein Ghofrani, Henning Gall, Norbert Weissmann, Andreas Weidenbach, Werner Seeger and Friedrich Grimminger
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:76
  2. The attraction of leukocytes from circulation to inflamed lungs depends on the activation of both the leukocytes and the resident cells within the lung. In this study we determined gene expression and secretio...

    Authors: Dmitri V Pechkovsky, Torsten Goldmann, Corinna Ludwig, Antje Prasse, Ekkehard Vollmer, Joachim Müller-Quernheim and Gernot Zissel
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:75
  3. Cigarette smoke is the leading risk factor for the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) an inflammatory condition characterised by neutrophilic inflammation and release of proinflammator...

    Authors: Ute Oltmanns, Kian F Chung, Matthew Walters, Matthias John and Jane A Mitchell
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:74
  4. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GORD) can cause respiratory disease in children from recurrent aspiration of gastric contents. GORD can be defined in several ways and one of the most common method is presence...

    Authors: AB Chang, NC Cox, J Purcell, JM Marchant, PJ Lewindon, GJ Cleghorn, LC Ee, GD Withers, MK Patrick and J Faoagali
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:72
  5. Non-invasive diagnostic strategies aimed at identifying biomarkers of lung cancer are of great interest for early cancer detection. The aim of this study was to set up a new method for identifying and quantify...

    Authors: Diana Poli, Paolo Carbognani, Massimo Corradi, Matteo Goldoni, Olga Acampa, Bruno Balbi, Luca Bianchi, Michele Rusca and Antonio Mutti
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:71
  6. The integrin CD11c is known as a marker for dendritic cells and has recently been described on T cells following lymphotropic choriomeningitis virus infection, a systemic infection affecting a multitude of org...

    Authors: Marc Beyer, Hongwei Wang, Nina Peters, Sandra Doths, Cordula Koerner-Rettberg, Peter JM Openshaw and Jürgen Schwarze
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:70
  7. Cigarette smoke exposure including biologically active lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in the particulate phase of cigarette smoke induces activation of alveolar macrophages (AM) and alveolar epithelial cells leading...

    Authors: Daniel Droemann, Torsten Goldmann, Thorsten Tiedje, Peter Zabel, Klaus Dalhoff and Bernhard Schaaf
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:68
  8. Virus infections are the major cause of asthma exacerbations. CD8+ T cells have an important role in antiviral immune responses and animal studies suggest a role for CD8+ T cells in the pathogenesis of virus-indu...

    Authors: Luminita A Stanciu, Kevan Roberts, Nikolaos G Papadopoulos, Sang-Heon Cho, Stephen T Holgate, Anthony J Coyle and Sebastian L Johnston
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:67
  9. Here we investigate the effects of the green tea extract in an animal model of acute inflammation, carrageenan-induced pleurisy. We report here that green tea extract (given at 25 mg/kg i.p. bolus 1 h prior to...

    Authors: Rosanna Di Paola, Emanuela Mazzon, Carmelo Muià, Tiziana Genovese, Marta Menegazzi, Raffaela Zaffini, Hisanory Suzuki and Salvatore Cuzzocrea
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:66
  10. With biologically variable ventilation [BVV – using a computer-controller to add breath-to-breath variability to respiratory frequency (f) and tidal volume (VT)] gas exchange and respiratory mechanics were compar...

    Authors: M Ruth Graham, Craig J Haberman, John F Brewster, Linda G Girling, Bruce M McManus and W Alan C Mutch
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:64
  11. Early acquisition of Pseudomonas aeruginosa is associated with a poorer prognosis in patients with cystic fibrosis. We investigated whether polymorphisms in CD14, the lipopolysaccharide receptor, increase the ris...

    Authors: AC Martin, IA Laing, G Zhang, S Brennan, K Winfield, PD Sly, SM Stick, J Goldblatt and PN LeSouef
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:63
  12. Alveolar macrophages play an important role during the development of acute inflammatory lung injury. In the present study, in vivo alveolar macrophage depletion was performed by intratracheal application of dich...

    Authors: Beatrice Beck-Schimmer, Reto Schwendener, Thomas Pasch, Livia Reyes, Christa Booy and Ralph C Schimmer
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:61
  13. Declining levels of surfactant protein A (SP-A) after lung transplantation are suggested to indicate progression of ischemia/reperfusion (IR) injury. We hypothesized that the previously described preservation-...

    Authors: Heinz Fehrenbach, Sebastian Tews, Antonia Fehrenbach, Matthias Ochs, Thorsten Wittwer, Thorsten Wahlers and Joachim Richter
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:60
  14. ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters are a family of transmembrane proteins that can transport a wide variety of substrates across biological membranes in an energy-dependent manner. Many ABC transporters s...

    Authors: Margaretha van der Deen, Elisabeth GE de Vries, Wim Timens, Rik J Scheper, Hetty Timmer-Bosscha and Dirkje S Postma
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:59
  15. In the present study, by comparing the responses in wild-type mice (WT) and mice lacking (KO) the inducible (or type 2) nitric oxide synthase (iNOS), we investigated the role played by iNOS in the development ...

    Authors: Tiziana Genovese, Salvatore Cuzzocrea, Rosanna Di Paola, Marco Failla, Emanuela Mazzon, Maria Angela Sortino, Giuseppina Frasca, Elisa Gili, Nunzio Crimi, Achille P Caputi and Carlo Vancheri
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:58
  16. Heat shock protein (HSP) 47, a collagen-specific molecular chaperone, is involved in the processing and/or secretion of procollagens, and its expression is increased in various fibrotic diseases. The aim of th...

    Authors: Tomoyuki Kakugawa, Hiroshi Mukae, Tomayoshi Hayashi, Hiroshi Ishii, Seiko Nakayama, Noriho Sakamoto, Sumako Yoshioka, Kanako Sugiyama, Mariko Mine, Yohei Mizuta and Shigeru Kohno
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:57
  17. We have previously shown that the bronchodilatory effect of deep inspiration is attenuated in individuals with COPD. This study was designed to investigate whether the impairment in this effect is associated w...

    Authors: Nicola Scichilone, Andreina Bruno, Roberto Marchese, Antonio Maurizio Vignola, Alkis Togias and Vincenzo Bellia
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:55
  18. Acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) represent a major burden for patients and health care systems. Respiratory rehabilitation may improve prognosis in these patients by addressi...

    Authors: Milo A Puhan, Madlaina Scharplatz, Thierry Troosters and Johann Steurer
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:54
  19. The use of cytology brushes for the purpose of obtaining respiratory cells from adults for clinical and research purposes is well established. However, the safety and utility of non-bronchoscopic brushings to ...

    Authors: Catherine Lane, Scott Burgess, Anthony Kicic, Darryl Knight and Stephen Stick
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:53
  20. Identifying genetic determinants for lung function is important in providing insight into the pathophysiology of asthma. Signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 is a transcription factor latent in t...

    Authors: Augusto A Litonjua, Kelan G Tantisira, Stephen Lake, Ross Lazarus, Brent G Richter, Stacey Gabriel, Eric S Silverman and Scott T Weiss
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:52
  21. The role of alveolar type II cells in the regulation of innate and adaptive immunity is unclear. Toll-like receptors (TLRs) have been implicated in host defense. The purpose of the present study was to investi...

    Authors: Heide Wissel, Christian Schulz, Petra Koehne, Ekkehard Richter, Matthias Maass and Mario Rüdiger
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:51
  22. Swine farmers repeatedly exposed to the barn air suffer from respiratory diseases. However the mechanisms of lung dysfunction following repeated exposures to the barn air are still largely unknown. Therefore, ...

    Authors: Chandrashekhar Charavaryamath, Kyathanahalli S Janardhan, Hugh G Townsend, Philip Willson and Baljit Singh
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:50
  23. Chronic lung infections are the primary cause of morbidity and mortality in Cystic Fibrosis (CF) patients. Recent molecular biological based studies have identified a surprisingly wide range of hitherto unrepo...

    Authors: Geraint B Rogers, Mary P Carroll, David J Serisier, Peter M Hockey, Valia Kehagia, Graeme R Jones and Kenneth D Bruce
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:49
  24. In peripheral airways, acetylcholine induces contraction via activation of muscarinic M2-and M3-receptor subtypes (M2R and M3R). Cholinergic hypersensitivity is associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disea...

    Authors: Melanie Pfaff, Norbert Powaga, Sibel Akinci, Werner Schütz, Yoshiko Banno, Silke Wiegand, Wolfgang Kummer, Jürgen Wess and Rainer Viktor Haberberger
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:48
  25. The burden of proteinases from inflammatory cells in the lung of subjects with type Pi ZZ of alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency is higher than in those without the deficiency. Cross-sectional studies have shown in...

    Authors: Jan Stolk, Barbara Veldhuisen, Laura Annovazzi, Chiara Zanone, Elly M Versteeg, Toine H van Kuppevelt, Willem Nieuwenhuizen, Paolo Iadarola and Maurizio Luisetti
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:47

    The Correction to this article has been published in Respiratory Research 2006 7:20

  26. Airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR) is one of the most prominent features of asthma, however, precise mechanisms for its induction have not been fully elucidated. We previously reported that systemic antigen sens...

    Authors: Kazuyuki Nakagome, Makoto Dohi, Katsuhide Okunishi, Yasuo To, Atsushi Sato, Yoshinori Komagata, Katsuya Nagatani, Ryoichi Tanaka and Kazuhiko Yamamoto
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:46
  27. The aim was to determine if effects from smoking on lung function measured over 11 years differ between men and women.

    Authors: Sara H Downs, Otto Brändli, Jean-Pierre Zellweger, Christian Schindler, Nino Künzli, Margaret W Gerbase, Luc Burdet, Robert Bettschart, Elisabeth Zemp, Martin Frey, Roland Keller, Jean-Marie Tschopp, Philippe Leuenberger and Ursula Ackermann-Liebrich
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:45
  28. In mice, the cytokine interleukin (IL)-17A causes a local accumulation of neutrophils within the bronchoalveolar space. IL-17A may thereby also contribute to an increased local proteolytic burden. In the curre...

    Authors: Stefan Ivanov, Lena Palmberg, Per Venge, Kjell Larsson and Anders Lindén
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:44
  29. In the year 2000 Corus closed its steel plant operations in Redcar, NE of England temporarily for refurbishment of its blast furnace. This study investigates the impact of the closure on the chemical compositi...

    Authors: Gary R Hutchison, David M Brown, Leon R Hibbs, Mathew R Heal, Ken Donaldson, Robert L Maynard, Michelle Monaghan, Andy Nicholl and Vicki Stone
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:43
  30. During the acute phase of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), mononuclear cells infiltration, alveolar cell desquamation and hyaline membrane formation have been described, together with dysregulation of...

    Authors: Chun-Hua Wang, Chien-Ying Liu, Yung-Liang Wan, Chun-Liang Chou, Kuo-Hsiung Huang, Horng-Chyuan Lin, Shu-Min Lin, Tzou-Yien Lin, Kian Fan Chung and Han-Pin Kuo
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:42
  31. Programming a mechanical ventilator with a biologically variable or fractal breathing pattern (an example of 1/f noise) improves gas exchange and respiratory mechanics. Here we show that fractal ventilation in...

    Authors: W Alan C Mutch, M Ruth Graham, Linda G Girling and John F Brewster
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:41
  32. Lung fluid balance in the healthy lung is dependent upon finely regulated vectorial transport of ions across the alveolar epithelium. Classically, the cellular locus of the major ion transport processes has be...

    Authors: Steven Bourke, Helen S Mason, Zea Borok, Kwang-Jin Kim, Edward D Crandall and Paul J Kemp
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:40
  33. The effects of pulmonary arterial hypertension on brain function are not understood, despite patients' frequent complaints of cognitive difficulties. Using clinical instruments normally administered during sta...

    Authors: Darren B Taichman, Jason Christie, Rosette Biester, Jennifer Mortensen, Joanne White, Sandra Kaplan, John Hansen-Flaschen, Harold I Palevsky, C Gregory Elliott and Ramona O Hopkins
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:39
  34. Inflammation in the airways and lung parenchyma underlies fixed airway obstruction in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The exact role of smoking as promoting factor of inflammation in chronic obstructive...

    Authors: Brigitte WM Willemse, Nick HT ten Hacken, Bea Rutgers, Dirkje S Postma and Wim Timens
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:38
  35. An altered susceptibility of lung fibroblasts to Fas-induced apoptosis has been implicated in the pathogenesis of pulmonary fibrosis; however, the underlying mechanism is not completely understood. Here, we st...

    Authors: Frank Bühling, Aline Wille, Christoph Röcken, Olaf Wiesner, Anja Baier, Ingmar Meinecke, Tobias Welte and Thomas Pap
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:37
  36. T cells play a dominant role in the pathogenesis of asthma. Costimulation of T cells is necessary to fully activate them. An inducible costimulator (ICOS) of T cells is predominantly expressed on Th2 cells. Th...

    Authors: Ligia Chialda, Meixia Zhang, Kay Brune and Andreas Pahl
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:36
  37. To investigate the occupational risk of tuberculosis (TB) infection in a low-incidence setting, data from a prospective study of patients with culture-confirmed TB conducted in Hamburg, Germany, from 1997 to 2...

    Authors: Roland Diel, Andreas Seidler, Albert Nienhaus, Sabine Rüsch-Gerdes and Stefan Niemann
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:35
  38. Inhalation of particles aggravates respiratory symptoms including mucus hypersecretion in patients with chronic airway disease and induces goblet cell hyperplasia (GCH) in experimental animal models. However, ...

    Authors: Mi-Hyun Ahn, Chun-Mi Kang, Choon-Sik Park, Sang-Jun Park, Taiyoun Rhim, Pyeong-Oh Yoon, Hun Soo Chang, Soo-Ho Kim, Hiroko Kyono and Kwang Chul Kim
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:34
  39. Interleukin (IL)-9 is a Th2-derived cytokine with pleiotropic biological effects, which recently has been proposed as a candidate gene for asthma and allergy. We aimed to evaluate the therapeutic effect of a n...

    Authors: Brigita Sitkauskiene, Madeleine Rådinger, Apostolos Bossios, Anna-Karin Johansson, Raimundas Sakalauskas and Jan Lötvall
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:33
  40. Cellular responses to aging and oxidative stress are regulated by type 1 insulin-like growth factor receptor (IGF-1R). Oxidant injury, which is implicated in the pathophysiology of a number of respiratory dise...

    Authors: Karmene Ahamed, Ralph Epaud, Martin Holzenberger, Monique Bonora, Jean-François Flejou, Julien Puard, Annick Clement and Alexandra Henrion-Caude
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:31
  41. Sub-epithelial extracellular matrix deposition is a feature of asthmatic airway remodelling associated with severity of disease, decline in lung function and airway hyperresponsiveness. The composition of, and...

    Authors: Alistair K Reinhardt, Stephen E Bottoms, Geoffrey J Laurent and Robin J McAnulty
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:30
  42. Progestins as respiratory stimulants in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) have been investigated in males and during wakefulness. However, sleep and gender may influence therapeutic responses. We in...

    Authors: Tarja Saaresranta, Tero Aittokallio, Karri Utriainen and Olli Polo
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2005 6:28

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