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  1. The associations between short- and long-term exposure to ambient fine particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter ≤ 2.5 µm (PM2.5) and allergic symptoms in middle-aged and elderly populations remain unclear,...

    Authors: Shanshan Wei, Jiping Liao, Tao Xue, Kunyao Yu, Xiuhua Fu, Ruiying Wang, Xiaomin Dang, Cheng Zhang, Hua Qiao, Shujuan Jiang, Jianhong Xiao, Lixia Dong, Jinzhi Yin, Xixin Yan, Weihua Jia, Guifang Zhang…
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:139
  2. Electronic cigarette (Ecig) use has become more common, gaining increasing acceptance as a safer alternative to tobacco smoking. However, the 2019 outbreak of Ecig and Vaping-Associated Lung Injury (EVALI) ale...

    Authors: David P. Scieszka, Devon Garland, Russell Hunter, Guy Herbert, Selita Lucas, Yan Jin, Haiwei Gu, Matthew J. Campen and Judy L. Cannon
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:138
  3. Spirometric small airways obstruction (SAO) is common in the general population. Whether spirometric SAO is associated with respiratory symptoms, cardiometabolic diseases, and quality of life (QoL) is unknown.

    Authors: Ben Knox-Brown, Jaymini Patel, James Potts, Rana Ahmed, Althea Aquart-Stewart, Cristina Barbara, A. Sonia Buist, Hamid Hacene Cherkaski, Meriam Denguezli, Mohammed Elbiaze, Gregory E. Erhabor, Frits M. E. Franssen, Mohammed Al Ghobain, Thorarinn Gislason, Christer Janson, Ali Kocabaş…
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:137
  4. Fatty acid oxidation (FAO) defects have been implicated in experimental models of acute lung injury and associated with poor outcomes in critical illness. In this study, we examined acylcarnitine profiles and ...

    Authors: Tomeka L. Suber, Stacy G. Wendell, Steven J. Mullett, Benjamin Zuchelkowski, William Bain, Georgios D. Kitsios, Bryan J. McVerry, Prabir Ray, Anuradha Ray, Rama K. Mallampalli, Yingze Zhang, Faraaz Shah, Seyed Mehdi Nouraie and Janet S. Lee
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:136
  5. The efficacy of benralizumab has been broadly demonstrated in severe eosinophilic asthma (SEA), but only few real-life studies evaluated its long-term effects. Here we present novel data from the ANANKE study ...

    Authors: Alessandra Vultaggio, Maria Aliani, Elena Altieri, Pietro Bracciale, Luisa Brussino, Maria Filomena Caiaffa, Paolo Cameli, Giorgio Walter Canonica, Cristiano Caruso, Stefano Centanni, Maria D’Amato, Fausto De Michele, Stefano Del Giacco, Fabiano Di Marco, Francesco Menzella, Girolamo Pelaia…
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:135
  6. Electronic (e)-cigarettes are popular among youth and cigarette smokers attempting to quit. Studies to date have focused on the utility of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool, but the biological effects a...

    Authors: Mario F. Perez, Marina Yurieva, Spandana Poddutoori, Eric M. Mortensen, Laura E. Crotty Alexander and Adam Williams
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:134
  7. Brensocatib is an oral, selective, reversible inhibitor of dipeptidyl peptidase-1 (DPP-1), responsible for activating neutrophil serine proteases (NSPs) including neutrophil elastase (NE), proteinase 3 (PR3), ...

    Authors: David Cipolla, Jimin Zhang, Brice Korkmaz, James D. Chalmers, Jessica Basso, Daniel Lasala, Carlos Fernandez, Ariel Teper, Kevin C. Mange, Walter R. Perkins and Eugene J. Sullivan
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:133
  8. Myo-inositol (or inositol) and its derivatives not only function as important metabolites for multiple cellular processes but also act as co-factors and second messengers in signaling pathways. Although inosit...

    Authors: Ji-Min Li, Wen-Hsin Chang, Linhui Li, David C. Yang, Ssu-Wei Hsu, Nicholas J. Kenyon and Ching-Hsien Chen
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:132
  9. The respiratory microbiota and radiomics correlate with the disease severity and prognosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). We aim to characterize the respiratory micr...

    Authors: Rong Wang, Chunrong Huang, Wenjie Yang, Cui Wang, Ping Wang, Leixin Guo, Jin Cao, Lin Huang, Hejie Song, Chenhong Zhang, Yunhui Zhang and Guochao Shi
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:131
  10. After more than two years the COVID-19 pandemic, that is caused by infection with the respiratory SARS-CoV-2 virus, is still ongoing. The risk to develop severe COVID-19 upon SARS-CoV-2 infection is increased ...

    Authors: Simon D. Pouwels, Maarten van den Berge, Gwenda F. Vasse, Wim Timens, Corry-Anke Brandsma, Hananeh Aliee, Pieter S. Hiemstra, Victor Guryev and Alen Faiz
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:130
  11. Microbes colonizing lower airways can regulate the host immune profile and consequently participate in lung disease. Increasing evidence indicate that individual microbes promote lung cancer progression and ar...

    Authors: Wenxue Wang, Xiao Liang, Hui Kong, Yun Yang, Yilan Xia, Qiongjiao Wang, Andong Xia and Jiawei Geng
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:129
  12. It is clinically important to predict difficulty in short-term liberation from veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (V-V ECMO) in patients with severe acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) at t...

    Authors: Mitsuaki Nishikimi, Shinichiro Ohshimo, Wataru Fukumoto, Tatsuhiko Anzai, Kazuo Awai, Takayuki Ogura, Toshikazu Abe, Mamoru Masuda, Kenji Fujizuka, Mitsunobu Nakamura, Michihito Kyo, Kunihiko Takahashi and Nobuaki Shime
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:128
  13. Congenital pulmonary airway malformation (CPAM) is the most frequent pulmonary developmental malformation and the pathophysiology remains poorly understood. This study aimed to identify the characteristic gene...

    Authors: Zheng Tan, Fengxia Li, Qiang Chen, Hongyu Chen, Ziru Xue, Jian Zhang, Yue Gao, Liang Liang, Ting Huang, Shouhua Zhang, Jianhua Li, Qiang Shu and Lan Yu
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:127
  14. Micro-computed tomography (µCT)-based imaging plays a key role in monitoring disease progression and response to candidate drugs in various animal models of human disease, but manual image processing is still ...

    Authors: Martina Buccardi, Erica Ferrini, Francesca Pennati, Elena Vincenzi, Roberta Eufrasia Ledda, Andrea Grandi, Davide Buseghin, Gino Villetti, Nicola Sverzellati, Andrea Aliverti and Franco Fabio Stellari
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:126
  15. Severe COVID-19 entails a dysregulated immune response, most likely inflammation related to a lack of virus control. A better understanding of immune toxicity, immunosuppression balance, and COVID-19 assessmen...

    Authors: Salvador Bello, Ana Belén Lasierra, Lucía López-Vergara, Cristina de Diego, Laura Torralba, Pablo Ruiz de Gopegui, Raquel Lahoz, Claudia Abadía, Javier Godino, Alberto Cebollada, Beatriz Jimeno, Carlota Bello, Antonio Tejada and Antoni Torres
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:125
  16. People living with HIV (PLWH) are at increased risk of developing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) independent of cigarette smoking. We hypothesized that dysbiosis in PLWH is associated with epigen...

    Authors: Marcia Smiti Jude, Chen Xi Yang, Fernando Studart Leitao Filho, Ana I. Hernandez Cordero, Julia Yang, Tawimas Shaipanich, Xuan Li, David Lin, Julie MacIsaac, Michael S. Kobor, Sunita Sinha, Corey Nislow, Amrit Singh, Wan Lam, Stephen Lam, Silvia Guillemi…
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:124
  17. The role of epigenetic modifications in tumorigenesis has been widely reported. However, the role and mechanism of H3K4me3 modification in lung adenocarcinoma (LUAD) are rarely reported systematically. We, the...

    Authors: Tao Fan, Mingchuang Zhu, Shan Muhammad, Chu Xiao, Shuofeng Li, He Tian, Yu Liu, Liyan Xue, Bo Zheng, Chunxiang Li and Jie He
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:122
  18. Severe eosinophilic asthma (SEA) is characterised by elevated blood/sputum eosinophil counts and airway inflammation, which can lead to mucus plug-mediated airway obstruction, increased exacerbation frequency,...

    Authors: Eduardo Genofre, Donna Carstens, Wilfried DeBacker, Patrick Muchmore, Reynold A. Panettieri Jr, Kirsty Rhodes, Vivian H. Shih and Frank Trudo
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:121
  19. Individualized prediction of treatment response may improve the value proposition of advanced treatment options in severe asthma. This study aimed to investigate the combined capacity of patient characteristic...

    Authors: Wenjia Chen, Helen K. Reddel, J Mark FitzGerald, Richard Beasley, Christer Janson and Mohsen Sadatsafavi
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:120
  20. The presence of systemic artery–pulmonary circulation shunt (SPS) during the bronchial arterial embolization (BAE) procedure, has been inferred to be a potential risk factor for recurrence. The aim of this stu...

    Authors: Hai-Tao Yan, Guang-Dong Lu, Jin Liu, Sheng Liu, Hai-Bin Shi, Chun-Gao Zhou and Qing-Quan Zu
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:119
  21. Increased apoptosis of alveolar epithelial cells is a prominent feature of pulmonary fibrosis. Macrophage efferocytosis, phagocytosis of apoptotic cells by macrophages, is crucial for maintaining tissue homeos...

    Authors: Yixin She, Xin Xu, Qingyang Yu, Xiangsheng Yang, Jianxing He and Xiao Xiao Tang
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:118
  22. Hypoxia is associated with many respiratory diseases, partly due to the accumulation of edema fluid and mucus on the surface of alveolar epithelial cell (AEC), which forms oxygen delivery barriers and is respo...

    Authors: Wei Zhou, Yapeng Hou, Tong Yu, Tingyu Wang, Yan Ding and Hongguang Nie
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:117
  23. Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) is an age-associated progressive lung disease with accumulation of scar tissue impairing gas exchange. Previous high-throughput studies elucidated the role of cellular heter...

    Authors: Minxue Jia, Lorena Rosas, Maria G. Kapetanaki, Tracy Tabib, John Sebrat, Tamara Cruz, Anna Bondonese, Ana L. Mora, Robert Lafyatis, Mauricio Rojas and Panayiotis V. Benos
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:116
  24. Patients with congenital lung malformations (CLMs) are at high risk for developing pulmonary infection. Nonetheless, prophylactic surgical excision of asymptomatic CLMs is controversial and often delayed to sy...

    Authors: Dengke Luo, Kaisheng Cheng, Miao Yuan, Chang Xu, Taozhen He, Ru Jia, Shiyi Dai and Chenyu Liu
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:115
  25. Pulmonary fibrosis is an emerging complication of SARS-CoV-2 infection. In this study, we speculate that patients with COVID-19 and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) may share aberrant expressed microRNAs (m...

    Authors: Julien Guiot, Monique Henket, Claire Remacle, Maureen Cambier, Ingrid Struman, Marie Winandy, Catherine Moermans, Edouard Louis, Michel Malaise, Clio Ribbens, Renaud Louis and Makon-Sébastien Njock
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:112
  26. Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is the main type of the most common malignant tumor in the world. Previous studies have shown that the expression level of mitochondrial creatine kinase 1 (CKMT1) is abnormal...

    Authors: Mengjie Yang, Xuecen Wang, Zhihua Ye, Tingyu Liu, Yuan Meng, Youfa Duan, Xuexia Yuan, Xin Yue, Wenbin Deng and Ran-yi Liu
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:111
  27. Many have the rising coincidence of diabetes mellitus (DM) and endemic tuberculosis (TB). We evaluated whether the severity of diabetes is associated with an increased risk of active TB infection.

    Authors: Ji Young Kang, Kyungdo Han, Seung-Hwan Lee and Mee Kyoung Kim
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:110
  28. P2X3 receptor antagonists seem to have a promising potential for treating patients with refractory chronic cough. In this double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, we investigated the efficacy, safet...

    Authors: Christian Friedrich, Klaus Francke, Surinder S. Birring, Jan Willem K. van den Berg, Paul A. Marsden, Lorcan McGarvey, Alice M. Turner, Pascal Wielders, Isabella Gashaw, Stefan Klein and Alyn H. Morice
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:109
  29. Flavored electronic cigarettes (ECs) present a serious health challenge globally. Currently, it is unknown whether the addition of highly popular menthol flavoring to e-liquid is associated with changes in the...

    Authors: Divay Chandra, Rachel F. Bogdanoff, Russell P. Bowler and Kambez H. Benam
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:108
  30. Authors: Keisuke Anan, Yuki Kataoka, Kazuya Ichikado, Kodai Kawamura, Takeshi Johkoh, Kiminori Fujimoto, Kazunori Tobino, Ryo Tachikawa, Hiroyuki Ito, Takahito Nakamura, Tomoo Kishaba, Minoru Inomata, Tsukasa Kamitani, Hajime Yamazaki, Yusuke Ogawa and Yosuke Yamamoto
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:107

    The original article was published in Respiratory Research 2022 23:291

  31. No short patient-reported outcome (PRO) instruments assess overall health status across different obstructive lung diseases. Thus, the wording of the introduction to the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (...

    Authors: Erin L. Tomaszewski, Mark J. Atkinson, Christer Janson, Niklas Karlsson, Barry Make, David Price, Helen K. Reddel, Claus F. Vogelmeier, Hana Müllerová and Paul W. Jones
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:106
  32. Common respiratory illnesses, such as emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, are characterized by connective tissue damage and remodeling. Two major fibers govern the mechanics of airway tissue: ...

    Authors: Crystal A. Mariano, Samaneh Sattari, Gustavo O. Ramirez and Mona Eskandari
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:105
  33. Aberrant gene expression is a key mechanism underlying pulmonary hypertension (PH) development. The alterations of genomic chromatin accessibility and their relationship with the aberrant gene expressions in P...

    Authors: Dongdong Yu, Ting Zhang, Guangyuan Zhou, Zeang Wu, Rui Xiao, Han Zhang, Bingxun Liu, Xiangpan Li, Matthieu Ruiz, Jocelyn Dupuis, Liping Zhu and Qinghua Hu
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:104
  34. Epithelial barrier is important for asthma development by shaping immune responses. Airway expressing-IL-1 receptor-associated kinase (IRAK)-M of Toll-like receptor pathway was involved in immunoregulation of ...

    Authors: Jia Li, Zhoude Zheng, Yi Liu, Hongbing Zhang, Youming Zhang and Jinming Gao
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:103
  35. Acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) lead to a significant reduction in quality of life and an increased mortality risk. Current guidelines strongly recommend pulmonary rehabilit...

    Authors: Marina Guecamburu, Anaëlle Coquelin, Amandine Rapin, Nelly Le Guen, Agnès Solomiac, Pauline Henrot, Marie Erbault, Sandrine Morin and Maéva Zysman
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:102
  36. Cellular senescence is a cell fate in response to diverse forms of age-related damage and stress that has been implicated in the pathogenesis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). The associations between ci...

    Authors: Zaira Aversa, Elizabeth J. Atkinson, Eva M. Carmona, Thomas A. White, Amanda A. Heeren, Sarah K. Jachim, Xu Zhang, Steven R. Cummings, Sergio E. Chiarella, Andrew H. Limper and Nathan K. LeBrasseur
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:101
  37. Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are a new family of abundant regulatory RNAs with roles in various types of cancer. While the hsa_circ_0046701 (circ-YES1) function in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is unclear.

    Authors: Mingming Jin, Yan Wang, Dawei Zhou, Wanchao Liu, Ruodong Han and Yongbin Chi
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:100

    The Correction to this article has been published in Respiratory Research 2023 24:181

  38. Honeycombing is a histological pattern consistent with Usual Interstitial Pneumonia (UIP). Honeycombing refers to cystic airways located at sites of dense fibrosis with marked mucus accumulation. Utilizing las...

    Authors: Jeremy A. Herrera, Lewis A. Dingle, M. Angeles Monetero, Rajamiyer V. Venkateswaran, John F. Blaikley, Felice Granato, Stella Pearson, Craig Lawless and David J. Thornton
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:99
  39. Study the impact of impaired sleep quality on symptom change and future exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients.

    Authors: Ling Lin, Qing Song, Jiaxi Duan, Cong Liu, Wei Cheng, Aiyuan Zhou, Yating Peng, Zijing Zhou, Yuqin Zeng, Yan Chen, Shan Cai and Ping Chen
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:98
  40. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a common comorbidity in patients with interstitial lung disease (ILD). We built and validated a model using the national inpatient sample (NIS) database to assess the ...

    Authors: Shehabaldin Alqalyoobi, Bertis Brit Little, Justin M. Oldham and Ogugua Ndili Obi
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:97
  41. Interstitial lung diseases (ILD) encompass a heterogenous group of diffuse parenchymal lung disorders characterized by variable degrees of inflammation and fibrosis. Pretherapeutic clinical testing models for ...

    Authors: Kevin G. Dsouza, Ranu Surolia, Tejaswini Kulkarni, Fu Jun Li, Pooja Singh, Huaxiu Zeng, Crystal Stephens, Abhishek Kumar, Zheng Wang and Veena B. Antony
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:96
  42. The lungs, in addition to participating in gas exchange, represent the first line of defense against inhaled pathogens and respiratory toxicants. Cells lining the airways and alveoli include epithelial cells a...

    Authors: Matthew Preteroti, Emily T. Wilson, David H. Eidelman and Carolyn J. Baglole
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:95
  43. Insomnia has been linked to adverse chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) outcomes including exacerbations, yet its impact on COPD-related healthcare utilization and costs is unknown. In this study, we ...

    Authors: Faith S. Luyster, Monique Y. Boudreaux-Kelly and Jessica M. Bon
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:93
  44. Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a devastating disease characterized by vasoconstriction and vascular remodeling, leading to right ventricular failure and death. PH is a common complication of chronic obstructiv...

    Authors: Zhao Yang, Ping Li, Qun Yuan, Xi Wang, Hong-Hong Ma and Bing Zhuan
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:92
  45. Little is known about the link between solar activity and variations in melatonin. In this study, we investigated if melatonin's major urinary metabolite, urinary 6-sulfatoxymelatonin (aMT6s), is lowest under ...

    Authors: Carolina L. Zilli Vieira, Petros Koutrakis, Man Liu, Daniel J. Gottlieb and Eric Garshick
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:91
  46. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a devastating interstitial lung disease (ILD) with limited treatment options. Interleukin-33 (IL-33) is proposed to play a role in the development of IPF however the excl...

    Authors: Katherine E. Stephenson, Joanne Porte, Aoife Kelly, William A. Wallace, Catherine E. Huntington, Catherine L. Overed-Sayer, E. Suzanne Cohen, R. Gisli Jenkins and Alison E. John
    Citation: Respiratory Research 2023 24:89

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