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Figure 5

From: Global expression profiling of theophylline response genes in macrophages: evidence of airway anti-inflammatory regulation

Figure 5

Suppression of IL-13 expression in macrophages by PDE type IV inhibitors and cAMP-elevating agents. Two PDE type IV inhibitors, etazolate and rolipram, and two cAMP-elevating agents, forskolin and db-cAMP (dibutyryl-cAMP), were added to macrophage separately for 24 hours. The cells were harvested to extract RNA for RTQ-RT-PCR, and the cultured medium were used to carry out ELISA. (A) RTQ-RT-PCR analysis showed a decrease of IL-13 mRNA in a dose-dependent manner after treating with four drugs (α = 0.05, p = 0.0009). (B) The results of ELISA also revealed that IL-13 protein secretion was reduced after treatment with four drugs (α = 0.05, p = 0.0018).

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