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Table 1 Characteristics of Included Studies

From: Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and diabetes mellitus: a meta-analysis and systematic review

Study Country Design NOS IG CG Method of IPF Diagnosis Method of DM Diagnosis
Enomoto et al. [7] 2003 Japan Case–Control 8 52 184 people matched for age and sex with no lung disease by chest radiographs ATS/ERS criteria [66] FBG > 6 mmol/L and/or HbAIc > 6% in combination with any treatment history
Miyake et al. [8] 2005 Japan Case–Control 8 104 56 acute bacterial pneumonia, and 4 common cold, matched by age and sex ATS/ERS criteria [66] Medication or diet treatment history
Gribbin et al. [10] 2009 United Kingdom Case–Control 6 920 3593 control subjects matched by age, gender and general practice Read Code (diagnostic terms) in THIN database Read Code
Ma.C et al. [9] 2010 Mexico Case–Control 6 97 560 patients, 461 with other pulmonary diseases and 98 with otorhinolaryngologic problems ATS/ERS criteria [66] FPG > 6 mmol/L. Clinical history and medication therapy were also referred to
Garcia-Sancho et al. [24] 2011 Mexico Case–Control 8 100 263 healthy control subjects matched for age, sex, and place of residence ATS/ERS criteria [66] Clinical symptoms and medication history
Kim et al. [25] 2015 Korea Case–Control 7 460 1925 control subjects matched with age, gender, and smoking habits ATS/ERS/JRS/ALAT criteria [65] FPG > 6 mmol/L together with clinical history
Dalleywater et al. [27] 2015 United Kingdom Case–Control 8 3211 12,307 control subjects, matched for age, sex, and general practice A new diagnosis prior to previous Read Code Read Code
Zhong et al. [28] 2016 China Case–Control 6 108 115 patients without respiratory failure or other underlying disorders Guidance for Diagnostic and Treatment of Pulmonary Fibrosis (Chinese Thoracic Society 2002) FPG > 6 mmol/L and/or 2-h PG > 11.1 mmol/L
Xu et al. [26] 2020 China Case–Control 7 44 88 patients without evidence of lung disease on computed tomography, matched for age and sex ATS/ERS criteria [4] FPG > 7 mmol/L. Clinical history was also used for diagnosis
  1. NOS: Newcastle–Ottawa Scale. IPF: Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. DM: Diabetes Mellitus. IG: IPF Group. CG: Control Group. THIN: The Health Improvement Network. FBG: Fasting Blood Glucose. FPG: Fasting Plasma Glucose. ATS: American Thoracic Society. ERS: European Respiratory Society. JRS: Japanese Respiratory Society. ALAT: Latin American Thoracic Association