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Table 2 Two multivariable logistic models using UO as continuous and dummy variables

From: Fluid intake-related association between urine output and mortality in acute respiratory distress syndrome

Model 1Model 2
VariablesAdjusted odds ratio (95% CI)PVariablesAdjusted odds ratio (95% CI)P
UO0.98 (0.98–0.99)0.002UO quartile 1Ref. 
Low tidal volume intervention0.67 (0.50–0.90)0.009UO quartile 20.69 (0.46–1.03)0.072
Leukemia3.95 (1.31–11.8)0.014UO quartile 30.51 (0.34–0.78)0.002
Solid tumour3.26 (1.14–9.34)0.027UO quartile 40.46 (0.30–0.70)<  0.001
Respiratory rate1.01 (1.00–1.03)0.015Low tidal volume intervention0.68 (0.51–0.92)0.013
Platelet count (10^9/L)0.99 (0.99–0.99)0.004Leukemia3.26 (1.09–9.73)0.033
PaO2/FiO20.99 (0.99–0.99)0.003Solid tumour3.57 (1.24–10.25)0.018
   Respiratory rate1.01 (1.00–1.03)0.013
   Platelet count (10^9/L)0.99 (0.99–0.99)0.005
   PaO2/FiO20.99 (0.99–0.99)0.004
  1. UO was used as a continuous variable in Model 1 and was divided into four quartiles in Model 2. The VIF value were 2.63 and 2.46 for Model 1 and Model 2, respectively
  2. Abbreviation: UO Urine output