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Table 3 List of candidate vaccines against COVID-19.

From: SARS coronavirus 2: from genome to infectome

S. no Vaccine developer Platform Type of candidate vaccine Current status
1. Sinovac Inactivated Inactivated Phase-3
2. Wuhan Institute of Biological Products/Sinopharm Inactivated Inactivated Phase-3
3. Beijing Institute of Biological Products/Sinopharm Inactivated Inactivated Phase-3
4. Bharat Biotech Inactivated Whole virion inactivated Phase-3
5. University of Oxford/AstraZeneca Non-replicating viral vector ChAdOx1-S Phase-3
6. CanSino Biological Incorporation/Beijing Institute of Biotechnology Non-replicating viral vector Adenovirus Type 5 Vector Phase-3
7. Gamaleya Research Institute Non-replicating viral vector Adeno-based (rAd26-S + Ad5-S) Phase-3
8. Janssen Pharmaceutical
Non-replicating viral vector Ad26COVS1 Phase-3
9. Novavax Protein subunit Full length recombinant SARS COV-2 glycoprotein nanoparticle Vaccine adjuvanted wih Matrix M Phase-3
10. Moderna/NIAID RNA LNP-encapsulated mRNA Phase-3
11. BioNTech/Fosum Pharma/Pfizer RNA 3 LNPs mRNA Phase-3
12. Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy/Xiamen University Replicating viral vector Intranasal flu based RBD Phase-2
13. Anhui ZhifeiLongcom Biopharmaceutical/Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Protein subunit Adjuvanted recombinant protein (RBD-dimer) Phase-2
14. Curevac RNA mRNA Phase-2
15. Institute of Medical Biology/Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Inactivated Inactivated Phase-1/2
16. Research Institute for Biological Safety Program, Rep of Kazakhstan Inactivated Inactivated Phase-1/2
17. Beijing Minhai Biotechnology Co., Ltd Inactivated Inactivated Phase-1/2
18. Inovio Pharmaceuticals/International Vaccine Institute DNA DNA plasmid vaccine with electroporation Phase-1/2
19. Osaka University/ AnGes/ Takara Bio DNA DNA plasmid vaccine with adjuvant Phase-1/2
20. Cadila Healthcare Limited DNA DNA plasmid vaccine Phase-1/2
21. Genexine Consortium DNA DNA Vaccine (GX-19) Phase-1/2
22. Kentucky Bioprocessing Inc Protein subunt RBD-based Phase-1/2
23. Sanofi Pasteur/ GSK Protein subunit S-protein Baculovirus production Phase-1/2
24. Biological E Ltd Protein subunit Adjuvanted Protein subunit (RBD) Phase-1/2
25. Israel Institute for Biological Research Replicating viral vector VSV-S Phase-1/2
26. Arcturus/ Duke-NUS RNA mRNA Phase-1/2
27. Spy Biotech/Serum Institute of India VLP RBD-HBSAg VLPs Phase-1/2
28. Symvivo DNA bacTRL-spike Phase-1
29. Immunity Bio, Inc. &Nanktwest Inc Non replicating viral vector hAd5 S + N 2nd Generation Human Adenovirus Type 5 Vector (hAd5) Spike (S) + Nucleocapsid (N) Phase-1
30. Reithera/LEUKOCARE/Univercells Non replicating viral vector Replication defective Simian Adenovirus encoding S protein Phase-1
31. Cansino Biological Inc Non replicating viral vector Ad5-nCoV Phase-1
32. Vaxart Non replicating viral vector Ad5 Adujvant oral vaccine platform Phase-1
33. Ludwig-Maximillians-University of Munich Non replicating viral vector MVA SARS-2-S Phase-1
34. Clover Biopharamaceuticals Inc./GSK/ Dynavax Protein subunit Native like trimeric subunit spike protein vaccine Phase-1
35. Vaxine Pty Ltd/ Medytox Protein subunit Recombinant spike protein with Advax adjuvant Phase-1
36. University of Queensland/CSL/Seqirus Protein subunit Molecular clamp stabilized spike protein with MF59 adjuvant Phase-1
37. Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corporation/NIAID/Dynavax Protein subunit S-2p protein and CpG 1018 Phase-1
38. Instituto Finlay de Vacunas, Cuba Protein subunit rRBD produced in CHO cell chemically conjugate to tetanus toxoid Phase-1
39. Instituto Finlay de Vacunas, Cuba Protein subunit RBD + Adjuvant Phase-1
40. FBRI SRC VB VECTOR, Rospotrebnadzor, Koltsovo Protein subunit Peptide Phase-1
41. West China Hospital, Sichuan University Protein subunit RBD Baculovirus production expressed in Sf9 cells Phase-1
42. University Tuebingen Protein subunit SARS-CoV-2 HLA-DR peptides Phase-1
43. COVAXX/United Biomedical Inc. Asia Protein subunit Multitope peptide based S1 RBD protein vaccine Phase-1
44. Merck Sharp & Dohme/IAVI Replicating viral vector Replication competent VSV delivering SARS-CoV-2 spike Phase-1
45. Institute Pasteur/Themis/Univ. of Pittsburg CVR/Merck Sharp & Dhome Replicating viral vector Measles vector based Phase-1
46. Imperial College London RNA LNP nCoVsaRNA Phase-1
47. People’s Liberation Army, Academy of Military Sciences/Walvax Biotech RNA mRNA Phase-1
48. Medicago Inc VLP Plant derived VLP adjuvanted with GSK or Dynavax adjs Phase-1