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Table 3 Cox proportional-hazard model analysis results for critically ill patients

From: Effect of hypertension on outcomes of adult inpatients with COVID-19 in Wuhan, China: a propensity score–matching analysis

  HR 95% CI P-value
Hypertension 1.992 (1.019–3.895) 0.044
D-dimer 1.020 (1.010–1.031) < 0.001
N/L 1.062 (1.017–1.108) 0.006
APACHE II score 1.117 (1.030–1.212) 0.007
  1. Abbreviations: HR Hazard ratio; CI Confidence interval; N/L Ratio of neutrophils to lymphocytes; APACHE II Acute Physiology And Chronic Health Evaluation II. The following variables were incorporated into Cox proportional-hazard model analysis: sex, age, duration of methylprednisolone use (days), hypertension, N/L, D-dimer, and APACHE II score