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Table 2 Summary data of analysis datasets with respect to recurrent exacerbations and early discontinuations

From: Improving the evaluation of COPD exacerbation treatment effects by accounting for early treatment discontinuations: a post-hoc analysis of randomized clinical trials

 Dataset ADataset BDataset CDataset DDataset E
Number of patients available for analysis17461072161312182049
Number of mod/sev exacerbations118694965513502179
Number of patients with R number of mod/sev exacerbations
R = 010865371170604920
R = 1376286301265554
R ≥ 2284249142349575
Percentage of patients
with ≥1 mod/sev exacerbation
Max. number of mod/sev exacerbations121061111
Mean number of mod/sev exacerbations per patient years at risk0.8161.0510.9171.2841.293
Number of early treatment discontinuations392221235180421
Percentage of early treatment discontinuations22.5%20.6%14.6%14.8%20.5%
Percentage of early treatment discontinuations in original data31%30%19%24%25%
  1. mod moderate, sev severe