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Table 4 QCT-based lung functions between non-dust-exposed subjects and dust-exposed subjects

From: Quantitative CT-based structural alterations of segmental airways in cement dust-exposed subjects

QCT-based lung functionsNDE subjects (n = 164)DE subjects (n = 41)P value
TLC, liter3.902(1.030)3.477(0.970)< 0.001
FRC, liter2.163(0.705)1.977(0.741)< 0.05
IC, liter1.794(0.842)1.543(0.723)< 0.005
RUL1.581(0.338)1.440(0.268)< 0.001
RML1.465(0.256)1.391(0.224)< 0.005
Emph%0.017(0.023)0.010(0.013)< 0.005
  1. Values are presented as mean (SD); Emph% Percent emphysema; FRC Functional residual volume, fSAD% Percent functional small airway disease, IC Inspiratory capacity, TLC Total lung capacity, QCT Quantitative computed tomography, LLL Left lower lobe, LUL Left upper lobe, RLL Right lower lobe, RML Right middle lobe, RUL Right upper lobe; The values are presented with absolute values in TLC, FRC, and IC, not predicted values