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Fig. 3

From: Topical application of nebulized human IgG, IgA and IgAM in the lungs of rats and non-human primates

Fig. 3

Ig levels in epithelial lining fluid of treated animals. a-b Ig levels were measured in both broncho-alveolar lavages and in plasma from rats (a) and non-human primates (b) collected at different time points post-inhalation. As depicted, kinetics ranged up to 24 h in rats and 48 h for non-human primates post-inhalation. Epithelial lining fluid concentration for each broncho-alveolar sample was calculated by applying a correction factor, obtained by dividing nitrogen urea plasma concentration by its concentration in broncho-alveolar lavage. Plasma Ig levels could not be quantified. Data are below the LLQ (5.64 μg/ml for IgG1 and 16.09 μg/ml for IgA1). There are therefore not presented. IPD: immediate post-dose

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