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Table 1 Study inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: A prospective multicentre study testing the diagnostic accuracy of an automated cough sound centred analytic system for the identification of common respiratory disorders in children

Inclusion criteria
• Age > 29 days and < 12 years
AND at least one of the following:
• Rhinorrhoea
• Cough
• Wheeze
• Stridor
• Increased work of breathing
• Shortness of Breath
Exclusion criteria
• Lack of consent
• No respiratory disease
• Mechanical ventilation (invasive, CPAP, or BiPAP) or high-flow nasal cannula
• Unable to provide at least 5 coughs (Voluntary or spontaneous)
• Medical contraindication to voluntary cough, including
Severe respiratory distress
History of pneumothorax
Eye, chest, or abdominal surgery past 3 months
• Too medically unstable to participate in study as per treating clinician
• Structural airway disease including laryngo/tracheomalacia.