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Table 1 Antibodies used for immunohistochemistry

From: Desmin and dystrophin abnormalities in upper airway muscles of snorers and patients with sleep apnea

Antibody Product Code Specificity Genea Host/Clone Dilution Source
Desmin M0760 Human and animal desmin DES mAb-mouse/ D33 1:100 1
Desmin 18–0016 Human desmin DES mAb-mouse/ ZC18 1:1000 2
Desmin ab15200 Human and animal desmin DES pAb-rabbit 1:2000 3
Dystrophin GTX15277 Human dystrophin (C-terminus) DMD pAb-rabbit 1:7500 4
Dystrophin NCL-DYS1 Human dystrophin (Rod domain) DMD mAb-mouse/ Dy4/6D3 1:5 5
Dystrophin NCL-DYS2 Human dystrophin (C-terminus) DMD mAb-mouse/ Dy8/6C5 1:10 5
Dystrophin NCL-DYS3 Human dystrophin (N terminus) DMD mAb-mouse/ DY10/12B2 1:10 5
Alpha-actinin A7732 Human and animal α-actinin (Sarcomeric) ACTN2 mAb-mouse/ EA-53 1:500 6
Laminin PC 128 Human laminin LAM pAb-sheep 1:15000 7
Utrophin sc-33700 Human utrophin UTRN mAb-mouse/ 8A4 1:200 8
Slow MyHC A4.840 Human and animal MyHCI MyH7 mAb-mouse 1:400 9
Fast A MyHC A4.74 Human and animal MyHCIIa MyH2 mAb-mouse 1:500 9
  1. aOfficial gene nomenclature according to OMIM. ( 1. Dako, Sweden, 2. Invitrogen Corporation, CA, USA; 3. Abcam, UK, 4. GeneTex Inc., Taiwan, 5. Novocastra Laboratories Ltd., UK, 6. Sigma-Aldrich Co, UK; 7. Binding site Inc., USA; 8. Santa Cruz Biotechnology Inc. UK, 9. Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank, developed under the auspices of the NICHD and maintained by the University of Biological Sciences, Iowa City, Iowa, USA