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Table 1 (abstract REGABS18021). Existing datasets with high quality data in Uganda

From: Abstracts from the 2018 Respiratory Effectiveness Group Summit

  Population Design Items
WHO TB Uganda National Survey 40,000 national representative sample Cross-sectional Respiratory symptoms, status of TB, smoking, HIV, Chest XRay
Uganda Registry Asthma and COPD (i)Approximately 500 COPD, 500 asthma and 200 Post TB patients
(ii) 420 COPD patients in 7 centre
Longitudinal, 6 monthly visits Spirometry, health status (CCQ), biometrics, exacerbation frequency
Uganda National Asthma Survey 3,400 participants over 12year old in 5 districts Cross-sectional ISAAC, WHO survey 1 &2,
Cardiovascular risk
Africa Severe Asthma programme Uganda (826), Kenya, (425), Ethiopia (425).
1676 in total
Cross-sectional Spirometry, reversibility, questionnaires. Exhaled nitric oxide, blood eosinophils, stool microscopy
Link survey and FRESH AIR Uganda 1600 rural participants
1000 Urban (Kampala)
Cross-sectional Spirometry, symptoms, risk factors biomass and smoking