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Fig. 2

From: Hypoargininemia exacerbates airway hyperresponsiveness in a mouse model of asthma

Fig. 2

Similar induction of arginine-metabolizing enzymes and arginine transporters in asthmatic hypoargininemic and control mice. Mice were subjected to either the PBS/OVA (control) or the OVA/OVA treatment protocol as indicated at the bottom. Panel a: plasma arginine concentration; Panel b: arginase 1 protein concentration in lung tissue as determined by Western blot. Panels c-e: mRNA abundance of the arginine-metabolizing enzymes Arg1, Arg2, and Nos2, respectively. Panels f-h: mRNA abundance of the arginine transporters Slc7a1, Slc7a2 and Slc7a7. White bars represent data from F/A2wt/wt and black bars from F/A2tg/tg mice. The Y-axis shows the number of mRNA copies after normalization to 18S rRNA expression and multiplication by 10,000. Means ± SEM of 9–10 mice per group. * = P < 0.05 PBS/OVA vs. OVA/OVA F/A2wt/wt; † = P < 0.05 PBS/OVA F/A2tg/tg vs. F/A2wt/wt; # = P < 0.05 PBS/OVA vs. OVA/OVA F/A2tg/tg; ‡: P < 0.05 OVA/OVA F/A2tg/tg vs. F/A2wt/wt

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