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Fig. 1

From: The aging lung: tissue telomere shortening in health and disease

Fig. 1

RTL decrease with age and regional difference in normal lung tissue. a: log10 RTL versus lung age in normal lungs. Log10 RTL per lung is presented as a boxplot with the grey area representing the 95% confidence interval. b and c: Paired t-test of log10 RTL in normal lungs based on spatial distribution. Every dot shows the mean log10 RTL of cores originating from the respective region per lung. b: difference in log10 RTL between cores originating from the apical (n = 26) and basal (n = 26) lung regions (p = 0.0002). c: difference in log10 RTL between upper (n = 37) and lower lobe (n = 15) cores (p = 0.0015)

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