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Table 2 Incidence and types of VTE in NSCLC

From: Association between oncogenic status and risk of venous thromboembolism in patients with non-small cell lung cancer

Type/Site of VTE No. of patients (%)
Total episodes 71 (11.7)
DVT alone 44 (7.3)
 Upper extremity and neck 10 (1.6)
 Lower extremity and pelvis 32 (5.3)
 Upper extremity and lower extremity 2 (0.3)
PE alone 7 (1.1)
 Segmental/subsegmental 4 (0.6)
 Above segmental 3 (0.5)
DVT and PE combined 20 (3.3)
 Lower extremity, pelvis DVT and segmental PE 13 (2.1)
 Upper extremity, pelvis DVT and above segmental PE 1 (0.2)
 Lower extremity, pelvis DVT and above segmental PE 4 (0.6)
 Upper extremity, lower extremity DVT and segmental PE 2 (0.3)
  1. Abbreviations: DVT deep vein thrombosis, NSCLC non-small cell lung cancer, PE pulmonary embolism, VTE venous thromboembolism