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Fig. 6

From: FK506-binding protein 10 (FKBP10) regulates lung fibroblast migration via collagen VI synthesis

Fig. 6

Coating of dishes with collagen VI abolishes the inhibitory effect of FKBP10 knockdown on migration. SCM assay of phLF treated with scrambled siRNA as control (sc) or FKBP10 siRNA (kd) and 2- phosphoascorbate (0.1 mM) in absence and presence of TGF-β1 (2 ng/mL). Cells were tracked over a period of 12h -24h. Results of three independent experiments are shown as mean velocity of around 80 tracked cells per condition. Effect of collagen VI coated dishes on mean velocity of phLF is shown in (b) and of collagen I coated dishes in (c) compared to uncoated dishes for control (a). Statistical significance between control and FKBP10 kd is indicated by horizontal brackets and asterisks

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