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Table 1 Lipid classes included in this study and their abbreviations

From: Associations of the plasma lipidome with mortality in the acute respiratory distress syndrome: a longitudinal cohort study

Lipid Class Abbreviation
Phosphatidylcholine PC
Lysophosphatidylcholine lysoPC
Plasmenyl Phosphatidylcholine plasmenyl-PC
Phosphatidylethanolamine PE
Lysophosphatidylethanolamine lysoPE
Plasmenyl Phosphatidylethanolamine plasmenyl-PE
Sphingomyelin SM
Phosphatidic acid PA
Phosphatidylinositol PI
Phosphatidylglycerol PG
Cardiolipin CL
Cholesteryl ester CE
Monoacylglycerol MG
Diacylglycerol DG
Triacylglycerol TG