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Table 1 Frames of mandibular-derived variables

From: Monitoring mandibular movements to detect Cheyne-Stokes Breathing

MM Variable Symbol Categorization
At least 5 respiratory cycles during which MM amplitudes are ≥ 0.3 mm is termed a period of periodic large mandibular movements and follows the typical crescendo-decrescendo pattern of CSB. LPM Present or absent
At least one sharp and large MM (amplitude > 3 mm) during the hyperventilation phase or during a period of apnea. These are associated with a cortical arousal. SPM Present or absent
  1. Note: A SPM results in mouth closure (on cortical arousal) whether occurring with or without a LPM. A SPM can occur during the hyperventilation phase or during the apneic period. During the hyperventilation phase, SPM is disruptive the breathing frequency.