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Figure 5

From: The effect of CSF-1 administration on lung maturation in a mouse model of neonatal hyperoxia exposure

Figure 5

Lung function of mice treated with CSF-1 during concurrent hyperoxia exposure. Plethysmographic assessment of lung function parameters - tidal volume (A), minute volume (B), frequency (C), total cycle time (D), inspiration time (E), expiration time (F), tidal volume/bodyweight (G), minute volume/bodyweight (H), inspiratory flow rate (I) - in mice treated with CSF-1 (Hyp + CSF-1; purple line) or PBS (Hyp + PBS; blue line) during hyperoxia exposure compared to normoxia (Norm; red line). n = 6-14 mice/treatment/time point. Data were analysed using two-way ANOVAs and Bonferonni post-hoc tests. `a’ represents significant difference between Norm and Hyp + PBS, `b’ represents significant difference between Norm and Hyp + CSF-1. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001.

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