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Table 5 Results of multiple logistic regression identifying factors independently associated with mortality in the studied population

From: A clinical in-hospital prognostic score for acute exacerbations of COPD

  Odds-Ratio 95% CI P value
Age (per year) 1,06 1,02-1,10 0,002
mMRC grade > 2 vs 0-1 3,91 1,70-8,96 0,001
Cardiovascular comorbidity (IHD and/of LHF) 2,28 1,06-4,91 0,036
Clinical signs of severity during the first 24 hours (per sign)* 1,34 1,18-1,53 <0,001
  1. IHD : Ischemic heart disease; LHF: Left heart failure. *among the following: use of accessory inspiratory muscles, asterixis, neurological impairment, paradoxical abdominal movement, lower limb edema, cyanosis.