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Table 1 Known and potential sites of SP-D expression

From: Surfactant protein-D and pulmonary host defense

Anatomical site Organ Cellular source
Respiratory tract/oropharynx/nasopharynx Lung Alveolar type II cell, non-ciliated bronchiolar cells
  Trachea and bronchi Submucosal glands and repiratory epithelial cells
  Lacrimal glands Ductal epithelial cells
  Salivary gland Ductal epithelial cells
  Eustachian tube Squamous epithelium
Gastrointestinal tract Esophagus Squamous epithelium
  Stomach Glandular epithelial cells
  Small intestine Mucosal epithelial cells
  Pancreas (exocrine) Ductal epithelial cells (and islets)
  Biliary tract Intrahepatic ductal epithelial cells
Genitourinary tract Prostate Glandular epithelium
  Bladder Transitional epithelium
  Kidney Collecting duct epithelium
  Uterus Endometrium/endocervical epithelium?
  Fetal membranes ?
Skin and soft tissue Cutaneous squamous epithelium Squamous epithelium
  Sweat glands Ductal epithelium
  Sebaceous glands Glandular epithelium
  Breast Mammary epithelium
  Mesentery ?
Other Heart ?
  Brain ?
  Testis Leydig cells
  Pancreas (endocrine) Islets
  Placenta ?