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Figure 3

From: Role of TNF-α in lung tight junction alteration in mouse model of acute lung inflammation

Figure 3

Typical Densitometry evaluation. Densitometry analysis of immunocytochemistry photographs (n = 5 photos from each sample collected from all mice in each experimental group) for TNF-α, Bax, Bcl-2 Claudin-2, Claudin-4, Claudin-5, ZO-I and β-catenin from lung tissues was assessed. The assay was carried out by using Imaging Densitometer (AxioVision, Zeiss, Milan, Italy) on a personal computer. Data are expressed as % of total tissue area. *P < 0.01 vs. SHAM; °P<0.01 vs. carrageenan- WT group ND: not detectable.

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