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Table 5 Studies investigating angiogenic and angiostatic parameters in patients with sarcoidosis

From: Angiogenesis in Interstitial Lung Diseases: a pathogenetic hallmark or a bystander?

Investigator (year) Tissue samples Sample size Studied Parameters Summary Limitations
Agostini et al. 69 (1998) Lung specimens/BALF samples/24 patients/6 controls CXCL10 Increased expression of CXCL10 in sarcoid tissues / Positive relation of elevated CXCL10 BALF levels with T cell alveolitis Lack of knowledge regarding regulators of CXCL10 expression / Incomplete analysis of the Th1 response / Small sample size
Miotto et al. 70 (2001) Lung specimens/BALF/ 39 patients/10 controls CXCL10, MCPs, eotaxin Increased expression of CXCL10 levels in sarcoidosis patients Expression of CXCL10 not selective for Th1 mediated response / Lack of association with parameters of disease severity
Sekiya et al. 72 (2003) Serum samples/33 patients VEGF VEGF as a prognosticator of disease activity and extent Retrospective analysis No serial measurement / No relation with serological parameters of disease severity / Limited number of patients
Katoh et al. 71 (2005) BALF and serum samples CXCL9, 10 Increased BALF concentrations in sarcoidosis patients Discrepancies between BALF and serum levels / No relation with clinical parameters of disease severity
  1. Abbreviations: BALF: Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, MCPs: Monocyte chemotactic proteins, VEGF: Vascular endothelial growth factor