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Table 1 Optimized conditions for RT-PCR

From: Alveolar macrophages regulate neutrophil recruitment in endotoxin-induced lung injury

    Size of PCR  
Gene Primers Fragments (bp) Thermocycle Condition
TNF-α sense 5'-ACT GAA CTT CGG GGT GAT TG-3' 334 23 cycles; Tm: 57°C
  antisense 5'-GTG GGT GAG GAG CAG GTA GT-3'   
IL-1β sense 5'-AGC TGC ACT GCA GGC TTC GAG ATG-3' 339 28 cycles; Tm: 68°C
  antisense 5'-GAA CTG TGC AGA CTC AAA CTC CAC-3'   
MCP-1 sense 5'-TAT GCA GGT CTC TGT CAC GC-3' 255 24 cycles; Tm: 58°C
  antisense 5'-TTC CTT ATT GGG GTC AGC AC-3'   
MIP-1β sense 5'-CGT GTC TGC CTT CTC TCT CC-3' 220 24 cycles; Tm: 58°C
  antisense 5'-CAC AGA TTT GCC TGC CTT TT-3'   
ICAM-1 sense 5'-AGG TAT CCA TCC ATC CCA CA-3' 660 22 cycles; Tm: 58°C
  antisense 5'-CTT CAG AGG CAG GAA ACA GG-3'   
VCAM-1 sense 5'-CGG TCA TGG TCA AGT GTT TG-3' 570 24 cycles; Tm: 57°C
  antisense 5'-ACC CTC ATG TAG CCT TGT GG-3'