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Figure 4

From: Deficiency in type 1 insulin-like growth factor receptor in mice protects against oxygen-induced lung injury

Figure 4

Ventilatory responses before and after hyperoxia, and during recovery. Minute ventilation (VE) in response to decreasing levels of inspired O2. In each one of the three conditions, mean values (┬▒ SD) of VE in IGF-1R+/+ and IGF-1Rneo/- mice were recorded under 90% O2, 21% O2 and at two levels of hypoxia (12% and 10% O2). Values with asterisks are significantly different from control values at 90% O2. Crosses indicate significant differences from normoxic control values, and asterisks indicate significant differences between IGF-1R+/+ and IGF-1Rneo/- mice; P < 0.05.

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