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Figure 6

From: E1A expression dysregulates IL-8 production and suppresses IL-6 production by lung epithelial cells

Figure 6

Expression levels of E1A protein and IL-8 and IL-6 responses of transfected NCI-H292 subclones. A) Transfection of a NCI-H292 subclone yielded 10 E1A-positive clones. Expression level of E1A in the different clones was determined by Western blot. Exposed films were scanned and quantified. Signal is expressed in arbitrary units. Even though E1A shows as a single band in the printed figure, close examination of the electronic figure reveals both the 289R and the 243R E1A protein. Equal cell numbers from clones were exposed to a concentration series of LPS (0, 0.01, 0.1 and 1 μg/ml, 6B&D) or TNF-α (0, 0.5 and 5 ng/ml, 6C&E) for 8 hrs. IL-8 en IL-6 concentrations in culture supernatant were measured by ELISA. E1A-negative clones are represented by dashed curves, E1A-positive clones by solid curves. For clarity, the clone numbers at the right are ranked for IL-8 and IL-6 production, and hyporesponsive clones (p < 0.05) are marked with #. Data are from one experiment (triplicate samples) out of two independent experiments with similar results.

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