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Table 3 Pathway analysis in primary ASM cells

From: Role of non-coding RNAs in maintaining primary airway smooth muscle cells

Gene set name P-value*
2.5% FCS  
  Cell cycle 0.0045
  NOD-like receptor signalling pathway 0.0046
  Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction 0.05
  P53 signalling pathway 0.03
  TGF-β signalling pathway 0.02
2.5% FCS + 10−7M dexamethasone  
  Phenylalanine metabolism 0.011
  Tyrosine metabolism 0.04
  1. Pathway analysis of those mRNAs changed in expression using the bioinformatics database, DAVID 6.7 ( *Modified Fisher Exact P-Value, EASE Score (Maximum Probability). The threshold of EASE Score, a modified Fisher Exact P-Value, for gene-enrichment analysis. Fisher Exact P-Value = 0 represents perfect enrichment. P-Value is equal or smaller than 0.05 to be considered strongly enriched in the annotation categories. Default is 0.1.