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Table 4 LABA and LAMA combinations under investigation: ongoing trials

From: Combination bronchodilator therapy in the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

LAMA LABA Trial numbers Summary of ongoing Phase II/III studies
Aclidinium Formoterol NCT01572792, NCT0143797, NCT01462942, NCT01437540, NCT01049360 4 Phase III studies and 1 Phase II study, examining the long-term efficacy and safety of 2 different doses of aclidinium + formoterol vs monotherapy with either component and placebo
Glycopyrrolate Formoterol NCT01587079, NCT01587079 2 Phase II studies (both recently completed), examining efficacy of the combination vs the monotherapy components and tiotropium
Glycopyrronium Indacaterol NCT01120691 (SPARK), NCT01202188 (GLEAM) (pivotal studies, both completed), NCT0171251, NCT01604278, NCT01727141, NCT01529632, NCT01709903 2 recently completed pivotal Phase III studies investigating efficacy and safety, exacerbations, exercise, and TDI, and 5 ongoing Phase III studies, examining safety and efficacy of combination vs placebo, monotherapy components, and salmeterol/fluticasone
Tiotropium Olodaterol NCT01431274, NCT01431287 (pivotal studies), NCT01525615, NCT01533922, NCT01533935, NCT01559116, NCT01536262 7 Phase III studies, investigating efficacy and safety of combination vs monotherapy components and effects on exercise
Umeclidinium (GSK573719) Vilanterol NCT01313637, NCT01316900, NCT01316913, NCT01313650 (pivotal studies, recently completed), NCT01716520, NCT01491802 6 Phase III studies (4 recently completed, 2 ongoing), focused primarily on efficacy, with other studies examining AE incidence, exercise endurance time, and exertional dyspnea
  1. was searched for Phase II and III trials of fixed-dose combinations of LAMA + LABA. Access date: 12/05/12.
  2. LABA = long-acting β2-agonist; LAMA = long-acting muscarinic antagonist; AE = adverse event; TDI = Transition Dyspnea Index; FDA = Food and Drug Administration.