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Figure 3

From: Genetic replacement of surfactant protein-C reduces respiratory syncytial virus induced lung injury

Figure 3

Re-expression of SP-C reduces cellular inflammation and viral load in lungs of infected line 55.3/ Sftpc -/- mice. Following RSV infection, inflammatory cells in recovered BALF were analyzed for total cells (panel A) and the numbers of neutrophils determined from cytospins (panel B). Viral titers in infected lungs were determined by plaque assay of lung homogenates on day 3 post infection (panel C). Total cell counts from the BALF of media treated control mice were similar to Sftpc +/+ mice on dox (lanes 1-3 panel A). Total cell counts and the percent neutrophils were increased in the BALF from RSV infected line 55.3/Sftpc -/- mice compared to Sftpc +/+ mice on dox. Total cells, neutrophils and viral titer were all reduced in lungs of line 55.3/Sftpc -/- mice maintained on dox versus animals without dox (no SP-C) (5 mice per group).

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