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Table 1 Selection of the final study population: the ARIC study

From: Occupation and three-year incidence of respiratory symptoms and lung function decline: the ARIC Study

  No. Included No. excluded
ARIC study visit 1 participants 15,6491  
Completed visit 2 examination 14,218  
Excluded due to missing data   
   Missing respiratory health data   780
   Missing smoking status   172
   Missing current or most recent occupation   12
Excluded due to self-reported respiratory symptoms2 and conditions3 at visit 1   3,289
Excluded due to airway obstruction4 at visit 1   474
Excluded due to best visit 1 FVC measurement generated with an exhalation of < 6 seconds   524
Final study population 8,967  
  1. 1Excludes participants who did not consent to the use of their data for non-cardiovascular health research (n = 41), races other than black or white (n = 48), and black participants recruited from suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota or Washington County, Maryland (n = 54) excluded to avoid prohibitively small numbers of participants in these strata of race and study center.
  2. 2Chronic cough, chronic phlegm, or wheezing
  3. 3Asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or other chronic lung disease
  4. 4Defined as FEV1 < LLN and FEV1/FVC < LLN