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Table 3 Studies which report airway and serum inflammation after statin treatment

From: Statins as potential therapeutic drug for asthma?

Study Study type Group Sample (Trial/Control) Duration of treatment Results (statin group compared with the control group)
Braganza et al., [16] RCT Atorvastatin(40mg/day) vs placebo 71 4 weeks No significant difference
Menzies et al., [21] RCT Simvastatin(20mg/day,40mg/day) vs placebo 16 4 weeks 0.86 geometric mean fold decrease in FENO and −0.18 doubling dilution shift in PC10 ↓
Hothersall et al., [22] RCT Atorvastatin(40mg/day) vs placebo 54 8 weeks macrophage count (p=0.029) and sputum fluid leucotriene B4 (p=0.014) ↓
Maneechotesuwan et al., [15] RCT Simvastatin(10mg/day vs placebo 47(25/22) 8 weeks Sputum eosinophil percentages (p=0.02) ↓
Cowan et al., [25] RCT Simvastatin(40mg/day) vs placebo 43 4 weeks Sputum eosinophils (p=0.033) ↓
Al Obaidiet al., [29] Controlled clinical trial Simvastatin vs baseline 20 Not mentioned ECP and CRP ↓
  1. PC10= Concentration of methacholine that reduces FEV1 by 10%; FENO= Fractional of exhaled nitric oxide; ECP=Serum eosinophil cationic protein , CRP=C-reactive protein.
  2. ↓ The airway and serum inflammation levels were lowering after statins treatment.