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Figure 2

From: Distribution of airway narrowing responses across generations and at branching points, assessed in vitro by anatomical optical coherence tomography

Figure 2

A schematic of the airway preparation indicating the measurements performed. Indentified in the figure are the parent bronchus and a connecting daughter bronchus (i.e., side branch). The distal and proximal ends of the airway preparation are also labeled. For the study, three separate analyses were performed: (Analysis 1), narrowing in the parent bronchus was measured and compared between generations (A, black line), away from regions of branching; (Analysis 2), narrowing in the parent bronchus was measured at the midpoint of branching, where the parent bronchus was seen to open into a daughter side branch (B, dotted black line), and it was compared to narrowing measured immediately proximal and distal to the branching point; (Analysis 3), narrowing within the 'mouth' of daughter side branches was measured (C, grey line) and compared to narrowing within the adjacent parent bronchus at the same site (B).

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