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Figure 2

From: Collagen V-induced nasal tolerance downregulates pulmonary collagen mRNA gene and TGF-beta expression in experimental systemic sclerosis

Figure 2

Charts A, B and C show the content of collagen fibers among the groups. A significant decrease in collagen fiber density in the vascular wall (p < 0.001) (A), in the bronchioles (p < 0.001) (B) and the pulmonary interstitium (p = 0.026) (C) was observed in tolerated animals, when compared to immunized ones. No difference was observed in the content of collagen between control and tolerated animals. Groups: CT-FA = Freund's adjuvant control; IM = immunized; IM-TOL = immunized and tolerated. Statistical analysis was employed by ANOVA with Bonferroni test.

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