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Table 1 Protease Inhibitors used in ex vivo collagen assay

From: N-α-PGP and PGP, potential biomarkers and therapeutic targets for COPD

Enzyme Inhibited Chemical Composition( Source) Efficacy Ref.
PE Z-prolyl prolinal (Calbiochem) Ki = 500 pM [36]
MMP-9 C27H33N3O5S (Calbiochem) IC50 = 5 nM [37]
MMP-1 (4-(4-(Methanesulfonamido)phenoxy)phenylsulfonyl) methyloxirane (Calbiochem) Ki = 45 μM [38]
HNE N-(2-(4-(2,2-dimethylpropionyloxy)phenylsulfonylamino)benzoyl)
aminoacetic acid N-(o-(p-pivaloyloxybenzene)sulfonylamino benzoyl)glycine (Calbiochem)
IC50 = 50 nM [39]