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Figure 3

From: Nitric oxide gas phase release in human small airway epithelial cells

Figure 3

NOS gene and protein expression in cytomix or IL-13 stimulated SAECs and A549 cells. A: Cytomix upregulated iNOS protein expression in a pattern consistent with NO flux in SAECs. B: IL-13 steadily enhanced iNOS protein expression from 10 hours to 48 hours in SAECs. C: Densitometry analysis of iNOS protein expression in SAECs normalized by β-actin (n = 3). D: Cytomix induced iNOS protein expressions in A549 cells within 6 hours, reaching a peak at 10 hours. E: IL-13 did not enhance iNOS protein expression within 48 hours in A549 cells. F: Cytomix and IL-13 enhance iNOS mRNA expression after 48 hours exposure in SAECs. G: nNOS mRNA was expressed at baseline in SAEC, but was not altered by cytomix or IL-13 simulation. H: eNOS mRNA was not present in SAECs under basal or cytokine-stimulated conditions.

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