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Table 5 Ever WS exposure on lung cancer incidence and call-cause and disease-specific mortality

From: Wood smoke exposure affects lung aging, quality of life, and all-cause mortality in New Mexican smokers

Endpoint WS exposure N Event Person-yeara HR (95%CIb P
LC incidence Yes 684 22 41,134 1.53 (0.92–2.55) 0.10
  No 1688 50 105,020   
All cause mortality Yes 683 108 41,358 1.53 (1.21–1.92) 0.0003
  No 1688 272 105,980   
CPD mortalityc Yes 683 41 41,358 1.49 (1.03–2.15) 0.033
  No 1688 114 105,980   
Cancer mortalityd Yes 683 35 41,358 1.52 (1.02–2.28) 0.041
  No 1688 84 105,980   
  1. CPD cardiopulmonary disease, HR hazard ratio, LC lung cancer, WS woodsmoke
  2. aPerson-year was calculated as age at last alive LC-free contact or age at LC diagnosis for lung cancer incidence analyses or age at last alive contact or age at death for mortality analyses. Age at death was missing for one subject with ever WS exposure
  3. bBaseline values of age, smoking status, and packyears, sex, and ethnicity were included in Cox proportional hazards model for covariate adjustment for LC incidence. Education and income were included for additional covariate adjustment for mortality
  4. cDeaths due to non-CPD causes were censored at the date of death
  5. dDeaths due to non-cancer causes were censored at the date of death