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Table 1 Composition of the four experimental DP synthetic lung surfactants and controls

From: Efficacy, dose–response, and aerosol delivery of dry powder synthetic lung surfactant treatment in surfactant-deficient rabbits and premature lambs

Abbreviated name Components Wt.%
Experimental DP synthetic lung surfactant
SMB:Lactose Surfactant DPPC:POPG:SMB:Lactose:NaCl 49:21:3:25:2
B-YL:Lactose Surfactant DPPC:POPG:B-YL:Lactose:NaCl 49:21:3:25:2
B-YL:Trehalose Surfactant DPPC:POPG:B-YL:Trehalose:NaCl 49:21:3:25:2
SMB:Trehalose Surfactant DPPC:POPG:SMB:Trehalose:NaCl 49:21:3:25:2
Surfactant controls
Positive control Curosurf® 80 mg/mL
Negative controls (Lipids) DPPC:POPG:SD-30:NaCl 49:21:28:2