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Table 2 Tips for healthcare professionals starting on social media

From: The opportunities and challenges of social media in interstitial lung disease: a viewpoint

Follow accounts that align with your research, clinical, and personal interests. This includes scientific journals, societies, key opinion leaders, etc
Before creating your own content, review the content posted by accounts with similar objectives as yours and how these users interact with their audience
Politely engage in conversations on others’ posts by replying or sharing comments on the topic being discussed: this is a way to start to be seen on social media
Re-tweet and share content from others in order to show you liked the content and to provide greater visibility of the original account to your colleagues
Do not contribute to the chain of misinformation. Avoid quick re-posting/re-tweeting and make sure you only post/tweet content you have read and fully understand
Familiarize yourself with reporting and blocking features in order to remove harmful comments and ‘spam’ from your social media feed