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Table 4 Risk of Bias assessment with Rob 2.0 tool for the included RCT

From: Antileukotrienes for the prevention and treatment of chronic lung disease in very preterm newborns: a systematic review

  Randomization process Deviations from intended interventions Missing outcome data Measurement of the outcome Selection of the reported results Overall risk of bias
Kim 2015 some concernsa some concernsb lowc some concernsd lowe some concerns
  1. aNo information about allocation concealment, randomization of groups was performed using shuffled blocks of random numbers in Microsoft Office, Excel 2007
  2. bUnclear description of the infants that were not included in the final analysis
  3. cData appears to be complete. Attrition and exclusions were explained (not completely clear though) and accounted for
  4. dUnclear if outcome assessors were blinded
  5. eSeems in accordance with protocol