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Table 1 Balance exercises and vibration plate settings

From: Whole-body vibration training versus conventional balance training in patients with severe COPD—a randomized, controlled trial

  Exercises (2 × 1 min each) WBV group frequencies Conventional balance training Variations
1 Dynamic squat exercise Mon: 26 Hz
Wed: 18 Hz
Fri: 22 Hz
Balance board Slight finger contact on a handlebar
2 Dynamic heel raises Mon: 22 Hz
Wed: 26 Hz
Fri: 18 Hz
Balance board Free standing
3 Static one-leg stance Mon: 15 Hz
Wed: 10 Hz
Fri: 5 Hz
Balance board Additional arm/leg movements
4 Dynamic lunge step Mon: 18 Hz
Wed: 22 Hz
Fri: 26 Hz
Balance board Throwing balls
  1. Mon Monday, Wed Wednesday, Fri Friday