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Table 1 Sampling locations

From: Characterization of hospital airborne SARS-CoV-2

Location code Brief description Details
ED Emergency department provider workstation Provider computer workstation across from two-negative pressure rooms used for suspect COVID-19 patients
ICU Outside entrance door to COVID-19 ICU In a corridor outside main entrance to the COVID-19 medical ICU
CW1 Corridor outside COVID-19 ward entrance Midway through the study (May 12–18, 2020), this location was closed and cleaned; vacant on May 19; and later opened May 20 as a non-COVID-19 ward that includes a smaller unit that cared for suspected COVID-19 patients
CW2 PPE donning room outside COVID-19 ward PPE donning room that exits into a corridor to a second COVID-19 medical ward
NCW Nursing workstation in non-COVID-19 ward Open work area with computer workstation to chart patient notes and exchange information at shift changes
  1. ED emergency department, ICU intensive care unit, CW1 COVID-19 Ward 1, CW2 COVID-19 Ward 2, NCW non-COVID-19 Ward