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Fig. 6

From: Mesenchymal stromal cell-derived exosomes improve pulmonary hypertension through inhibition of pulmonary vascular remodeling

Fig. 6

Effect of MSC-exo on hypoxia-induced PAECs apoptosis in vitro. a PAECs were stained with Annexin V/FITC and analyzed by flow cytometry when hypoxic exposure for 48 h and 72 h. b mRNA and protein expression levels of Bcl2, Bax and caspase-3 by RT-PCR abd Western blot in lungs. n = 3 times repeated; P < 0.05, one-way ANOVA followed by post hoc test; the data are present as mean ± SD; *hypoxia or *MSC-CM vs. control; #MSC-exo vs. hypoxia group; *siWnt5a vs. MSC-exo group

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