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Fig. 1

From: Adaptive NKG2C+ natural killer cells are related to exacerbations and nutritional abnormalities in COPD patients

Fig. 1

Differentiation and expansion of an NK cell subset, from immature NK to NKG2C++ (Currently accepted and adapted from M. López-Botet). Abbreviations: NK, natural killer cells; CD56, cluster of differentiation 56 or neural cell adhesion molecule, NK marker; CD94, cluster of differentiation 94 or NKG2, marker of NK cells and CD8+ T-lymphocytes; NKG2A, inhibitory NK cell receptor 2A; NKG2C, activating NK cell receptor; CD16, cluster of differentiation 16, marker of NK and other white cells; KIR, NK cell immunoglobulin-like receptors; iKIR, inhibitory KIR pattern

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