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Fig. 5

From: Preterm birth impairs postnatal lung development in the neonatal rabbit model

Fig. 5

In vivo imaging of lungs of term and preterm animals. a Total lung volume assessed by microCT increases over time in both term and preterm pups (n = 7–9). b Preterm pups have a lower proportion of aerated lung volume then term pups on day 3/day 0 and on day 5/day 2 (n = 7–9; assessed by microCT). c Preterm pups have lower mean lung density then term pups on day 3/day 0 (n = 7–9; assessed by microCT; expressed in Hounsfield units (HU)). d Dark field score is significantly lower in term animals versus preterm animals on day 3/day 0. e Representative pictures of transversal sections of microCT volumes and dark field images in preterm and term animals on all time points. *p < 0.05

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