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Table 1 General characteristics of the included studies

From: Gender differences in pulmonary arterial hypertension patients with BMPR2 mutation: a meta-analysis

Study IDPH types for data extractionAreaParticipants (N)mutation /non-mutation
Austin 2009 [8]HPAH, IPAHUS147106/4143/104death or lung transplantationup to date as of 2009.03
Bruggen 2016 [12]HPAH, IPAHNetherlands9528/6723/72death or heart/lung transplantaton1995.03 to 2014.10
Chida 2012 [20]IPAH, HPAHJapan and China5418/3624/30death1995.01.01 to 2011.03.31
Elliott 2006 [21]HPAH, IPAHUS6727/4014/53NA1994.07 -
Gamou 2017 [14]HPAHJapan11739/7831/86NA2015
Ghigna 2016 [10]HPAH, IPAHFrench4423/2116/28lung transplantation2005–2014
Girerd 2010 [9]HPAH, IPAHFrench382115/267113/269death or lung transplantation2004.01.01–2010.04.01
Isobe 2016 [18]HPAH, IPAHJapan5923/3617/42death2000.08–2015.10
Kabata 2013 [13]HPAH, IPAHJapan4918/3117/32death or lung transplantation1999.10–2007.03
Liu 2012 [11]HPAH, IPAHChina30550/25587/218death2006.01.01–2010.08.31
Mutlu 2016 [23]IPAH, CHD-PAHTurkish431/4221/22NA2011–2012
Navas 2016 [19]HPAH, IPAHSpain16524/14141/124death or lung transplantation2011.01–2015.05.01
Pfarr 2011 [17]HPAH, IPAHGermany22849/17962/166NA2006.01–2009.12
Pousada 2014 [22]IPAH and Associated PAHSpain419/3221/20NA14 months
Rosenzweig 2008 [24]HPAH, IPAHUS14723/12449/98NA1991–2005
Sztrymf 2008 [15]HPAH, IPAHFrench23368/16566/167death or lung transplantation2004.01–2007.06
Yang 2018 [16]HPAH, IPAHChina18556/12948/137NA2016–2017
  1. NA not available, HAPH heritable PAH, IPAH idiopathic PAH