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Table 4 Published works that studied the presence of epigenetic changes in OSA

From: Epigenetics dysfunction in morbid obesity with or without obstructive sleep apnoea: the EPIMOOSA study

StudyPopulationPrimary objectiveEpigenetic changeGenePatient characteristics
Kim et al. [21]ChildrenCRPDNA methylationFOXP3Matched BMI
Khalyfa et al. [34]ChildrenEDmiRNA exosomesObese without OSA vs. nonobese with OSA
Chen et al. [35]AdultsSeverity OSA and EDSDNA methylationILR2, NPR2, AR, SP140BMI < 35
Kheirandish-Gozal et al. [36]ChildrenEDDNA methylation
eNOSMatched BMI
Marin et al. [20]AdultsAtheromatous plaques in carotid arteriesDNA methylation and expressionFOXp3BMI < 30
Sanz-Rubio et al. [16]AdultsAtheromatous plaques in carotid arteriesmiRNA exosomesBMI < 30
Sanchez de la Torre et al. [37]AdultsReduce BPmiRNAmiRNA 100, 378 and 486Class 1 obese (BMI 32)
  1. ED Endothelial dysfunction, EDS Excessive daytime sleepiness, miRNA Micro RNA