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Table 3 Fixed effect estimators for the 2-level random intercept linear model with level 1 units (measurements/visits) nested into level 2 units (n = 33 subjects with COPD), with FEV1% predicted as the dependent variable and Nrf2, HO-1 and GCLC mRNA, plasma GSH, plasma 8-iso as independent variables (fixed effects)

From: Oxidative stress and Nrf2 expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells derived from COPD patients: an observational longitudinal study

Dependent variablesBeta CoefficientsP-value95%CI
Nrf2/beta actin mRNA8.31< 0.0014.72;11.91
HO-1/beta actin mRNA1.840.441−2.84;6.53
GCLC/beta actin mRNA6.400.118−1.63;14.44
plasma GSH (μmol/L)0.030.785−0.18;0.24
plasma 8-iso (pg/ml)−0.010.284−0.02;0.01
  1. Legend: The model was adjusted also for age, sex, smoking status, smoking history (pack year), BMI and follow-up time