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Table 4 Subgroup analysis of patients with high and low UO/FI ratios

From: Fluid intake-related association between urine output and mortality in acute respiratory distress syndrome

Subgroup with UO/FI ≤ 0.5 (Model A, n = 421)Subgroup with UO/FI > 0.5 (Model B, n = 414)
VariablesAdjusted odds ratio (95% CI)PVariablesAdjusted odds ratio (95% CI)P
UO0.97 (0.96–0.99)0.006UO0.99 (0.98–1.00)0.504
Low tidal volume intervention0.80 (0.53–1.20)0.295Low tidal volume intervention0.57 (0.36–0.88)0.013
Leukemia5.83 (1.17–29.1)0.031Leukemia1.92 (0.35–10.39)0.447
Solid tumour2.15 (0.42–10.82)0.351Solid tumour4.21 (1.00–17.50)0.048
Respiratory rate1.01 (0.99–1.03)0.165Respiratory rate1.02 (1.00–1.04)0.034
Platelet count (10^9/L)0.99 (0.99–1.00)0.161Platelet count (10^9/L)0.99 (0.99–0.99)0.032
PaO2/FiO20.99 (0.99–0.99)0.039PaO2/FiO20.99 (0.99–0.99)0.039
  1. The p value for interaction between UO and UO/FI ratio was 0.044. The VIF value were 2.69 and 2.83 for Model A and Model B, respectively
  2. Abbreviations: UO Urine output, UO/FI Urine output/fluid intake